1. W

    How long does it take for dogs to fully cum when having sex?

    What do you think is the average duration?
  2. Sheppermutt

    Best way to clean cum from a dog's fur?

    Sooo, I was participating in NNN, but then... yeah. The title. Normally she laps it all up, but she can't do that when its on her face/head/radars and in other hard to reach places. It can make her fur... crusty... if she misses any. She really doesn't like being in the shower and typically she...
  3. Sheppermutt

    Orgasm changes after discovering you're into animals?

    Guys or gals, did you notice any changes in your orgasms when you realized you were into animals? My whole life (I'm a guy) when I come, it used to just ooze out, regardless of how good the orgasm was. A little disappointing, sure, but after some research this seemed to be normal so I did not...
  4. porkrudi

    Teneriffa animal bi tv bitch

    Televiso a Rita buscando contactos reales para parejas como hombres mujeres. Tenga el contacto adecuado para el sexo animal real, especialmente como pollas y esperma. Sería feliz si alguien de Tenerife o Canarias. También desde el continente informaría. Hasta entonces. El amor de. Rita
  5. K9curiouscouple469

    Cleaning up sloppy seconds?

    Does anyone else want to add their own cum to the mix after their S.O. gets railed by an animal and then clean the mess with their lips and tongue or am I just warped?
  6. C

    Nuevo Grupo de Zoo Gay

    Hola, quiero entrar a un grupo de puro zoo gay, o crear uno. No puedo enviar ni recibir DM alguna otra forma para comunicarse por acá ?
  7. novac2233

    Anyone else watch the new jackass and get insanely turned on during the boar cum part?

    I watched the new Jackass and holy crap I got so hot and bothered. They covered each other in gallons of pig cum as a surprise and watching it just made me so jealous. I would’ve opened my mouth and asked for more. I need to find where they got theirs because holy crap I need to buy and get...
  8. L

    Self-made cumming dildo

    What do ya think about it? It feels amazing inside...
  9. pes

    Community cum education efforts

    There was recently a discussion here that touches the topic of fake cum used in predominantly commercial zoo porn. That brought me to an idea of creating educational material that would undeniably demonstrate what real...
  10. C

    Hey guys. 30s male, wide ranging curiosity

    Well hopefully I’ve finally found a place to explore my wild side. I’m a good looking guy on the west coast, I have experience with women but none with men, animals, or male animals, and I’m interested in all of the above. I’m a perpetually horny guy with few limitations that I’ve found. I’m...
  11. pes

    Fake dog cum vs reality (consistency, taste, smell, appearance)

    What does real dog cum look like? Some people may not know so here it is: Real cum: Dogs ejaculate semen as three distinctive fractions: 1. Pre-sperm fraction: this is usually slightly cloudy in appearance and has a volume of roughly 0.5 to 2 ml. 2. Sperm-rich fraction: in normal dogs, this...
  12. 1

    how many milliliters does the dog ejaculates

    I wonder which breed of dog ejaculates the most if you have photos and videos, feel free to show me your record
  13. sarahtinelli

    my cum fetish

    I left huge sealed load inside me one Gypsy h3r5e 10 hours later and still feel liquid inside the uterus a looooooooot cuum around 500ml of ejaculation on average I used a condom to collect semen after masturbating, I used the condom to fill myself when I got home, I heated the semen a little...
  14. D

    Describe your attraction.

    For example, I am most attracted to women, I think they are the sexiest and I really love them. I like femboys or traps too. But at the same time I don't love dogs or horses romantically but more like friends or my "owners" whom I would like to please and suck every drop of their hot cum, be...
  15. D

    Doggie cum stains

    Hello everyone, I have been reading a lot for threads and saw lots of people saying about doggie cum stains, how they found them in their friends apartments, their brother apartments, so i wanna know how these stains look like. I don't have a dog, so I can't find it out myself <3. Can you send...
  16. elshara

    Have You Ever Tasted?

    Try to put the name of the species you have been with and what your experience was like. Optionally, make a suggestion to what you'd like to try. See if someone else can respond. Oral only!
  17. pes

    Fake cum and rules

    I did a quick search through the rules here: And did not find any mention of fake cum. If it is hidden there somewhere, please point it out for me. After yesterday's experience I would like to suggest adding a rule against posting...
  18. Rick

    Getting one of my girls pregnant fantasy

    I have a fantasy about being able to get one of my k9 girls pregnant. this started while having sex with one of my girls while she was on heat and while in pup and had well developed breasts, i found she seemed to really enjoy sex while she was pregnant but i stopped a few week before pups were...
  19. M


    Hola soy nuevo Quiero leer sus opiniones respecto al sexo de un perro con una chica embarazada. Es moralmemte correcto? El otro dia estaba viendo a ariel y sus videos en art of zoo y ella folla con perros teniendo 5 o 6 meses de embarazado. En los ultimos videos como prego anal no hay...
  20. R

    Would you be willing to give up your current life to go live with other zoos and their animals?

    I own a small horse breeding farm. I have more going on than I can do myself but I do not make enough money to pay people to work for me. I figured it would be easy to find zoos that do not have access to animals and would like to move here, work part time helping me take care of the horses and...
  21. Dingo

    El Dingo y mi novia

    Despues de esto dejo que mi perro me la chupara toda para despues ella chuparlo. Se comio mi lecher con babas de perro
  22. Sodamnrandom

    Dog cum amounts?

    Hi so this may be a weird question(it may have been asked before, and I may be posting in the wrong section). But I'm wondering what factors contribute to how much cum a male doggy will unload? I've seen videos where the dog cums right across the room, I've seen vids where the dog cums...
  23. Pishthefish2

    Fear Factor Challenge

    So I just heard this in a podcast I was listening to... The reason the fear factor show was cancelled was due to a certain challenge, and that challenge was to either drink a cup of donkey urine or drink a cup of donkey cum. Which do you choose?
  24. FloofyNewfie

    I'm Scared to Take My Female Dog to The Vet

    Hello all, don't worry my girls are in good health. So my fears may or may not be rational. I fuck my Newfie girl quite often and sometimes cum will just leak out of her vagina. I fear that it might happen one day when I eventually do need to take my girl to the vet. One time I hadn't fucked...
  25. Tanoku

    Doubt about Creampie/cum

    Hi I'm a male 22 yo, I've been in this zoo thing for some time, but I've always been very curious about it since I've never talked with a girl that had real experiences on it. My question is ¿Girls, what do you feel when you get creampied, does it feels good, do you prefer dog/horse/pig cum...
  26. A

    Help with horse/donkey

    I was wondering if someone could give me some tips to arouse a male horse/donkey and even if possible make it cum, I've read before in an old forum that "fingering" the urethtra worked but I don't want to hurt it so I'd love the feedback, thanks in advance
  27. BeastyChuck92

    What does horse cum taste like? What other things do you like to do with it.

    Unfortunately I don't have any experience with horses, even though I want to. Can anyone tell me what horse cum tastes like? Also other things they like to do with it. I personally have fantasies of putting it on my food, drinking gallons of it, using it as an aid in making out, using it as...