1. visu0

    I'm new , 20 m. Haven't done anything yet

    I'm new here , Anyone with cow?
  2. M

    Tips to fuck with cows/mares

    Hi, I'm looking for some tips to fuck cows/mares, since I'm going to a farm for a few weeks and I want to try it I will post some pics if i succed ;)
  3. B

    Cow Sex Toy?

    I was just wondering... Would anyone happen to know if there are any sex toys out there that are of a cow's pussy?
  4. L

    I want to pet a cow more but I am afraid.

    I am used to pet dogs,cats and horses but I am having a hard time petting cows. I am afraid that they will bite me etc. Any tips to have a better approach with cows in able to cuddle them more? I usually like to give nice cuddles.
  5. H

    What are some weird kinks that you like?

    I’m curious as I definitely have some more…odd kinks even within the zoo/beast community. For starters, I’d love to someday suck on the udders of a cow and taste their milk (hence my username). Secondly, I would love for a dog to drool on my neck while he has sex with me. Lastly, I’d love to...
  6. B

    Unquestionable fear...with farm animals.

    I never experienced having sex with animals but I am used to peting dogs and cats. I was visiting a local farm shop that has some animal farms and you can pet them. I was trying to pet the cow and the goats but I was a bit frozen. While some guest and their kids were able to pet them with no...
  7. B

    Does cow gets pleasure when milking them?

    Does cows gets pleasure or enjoys it when we are milking them or drinking their milk from their udders?
  8. F

    Never thought I’d dream of a cow

    Last night I had a zoo dream- I can’t recall exactly how it started, but all I know was that I was starving for some animal pussy or cock. In my dream there was a cow that seemed to want it just as much as I did. I got to eat her pussy while she was being milked and afterwards, I got fucked by a...
  9. D

    For those who don't own a pet....

    After being on the forum for a while now, I see that owning a pet wouldn't be for me because of my lifestyle. For those who don't own a pet and are sexualy active with animals, how do you do it? How do you seduce or charm the animal to let them play with their pussy? (female dogs, cow and pigs)
  10. V

    Curious but...

    Zoophilia has been a curious topic in my mind but I am too relaxed of a person so I don't know if that will work with me. I am afraid that the animal will chew off my dick away. Loll I find certain female dogs and cows cute.
  11. C

    How wide can a cow’s ass stretch?

    Was just thinking, based on how wide cow’s pussies stretch during birthing, if their ass could stretch large enough to fit someone’s head. To clarify, I’m not stupid enough and hope none of you are to try this, but it was an interesting hypothetical I thought of while watching some fisting stuff.