Who on here has actually been with a animal

Gosh. I mean.. after 40+ years? I don't know if I can count that high. (I can probably only get to 21 if I didn't have clothes on).
I have been with 2 female dogs, 3 male dogs, dairy cows, mmmm, and sows. And played with boar penises. Love to try a mare in Heat. From Alberta
Been with my fair share and the list keeps going, not going to post it here though. If you're curious check out my profile
Too many dogs to count, mostly males. Had a mare for many years and we tripped the light fantastic at least once a week. I also trained her gelding boyfriend to get hard on demand so sucked a ton of gelding cock. Been fucked by several mini stallions and fondled a few full sized studs-- love those balls!
Bottom for 4 k9's and fucked one of them quite often. Other 3 were not about that life. Fucked a goat. Only touched horses, kinda scared of them still. Want more experience around them. Would love to fuck a mare, cow, female dog and sheep.
I've been with my brown lab a lot, never knotted me unfortunately. Next is my GSD, who needs work on his sexual confidence the poor guy. Hopefully one day I'll live on my own with my own bois and we'd have fun every hour :gsd_wink:
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