Who on here has actually been with a animal


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I've been able to mate with 6 female dogs. In order... 1 yellow pit/lab mix, 1 black pit/lab mix, 1 husky/mutt mix, 1 Newfoundland (my girl), 1 Siberian Husky, and my other little mutt mix. For those who've known me for awhile, yes, my little mutt mix finally let me sleep with her this last heat cycle of hers. I've made sure to never pressure her into it though, I let her choose. Although I could only get a little over 1.5 inches in before she got too tight. I was still able to cum in her so I'll count it.

a wolf bitch, and even a lioness (anal)
I'm listening... and very intrigued...


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In both cases it was a matter of getting to know, and doing veterinary work for the right people, getting to know the animals, and a great deal of patience.

also if any genital or anal contact counts, then in the medical sense, I've ''fondled'' pretty much every animal you can imagine.


I have a couple of times as an adult, lots when I was very very young. I would everyday if I could with either a bitch, stud or both. The more the merrier!


🙋Dozens of dogs. Both male and female although way more males than bitches. I used to kinda be horny all the time back in my prime and took any opportunity that arose to let a dog mount me, didn't take long for me to strip down naked as soon as I got the signal, nowadays I'm lucky if I can just get up out of bed without feeling like I got hit by a truck. Its been so long I feel like a virgin again :gsd_laughing::gsd_laughing::censored:


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I've been a dog lover my whole life. I've made videos, joined forums. Had conversations with other zoo's. The whole nine yards, I've done everything except meet other zoo's 8n person. That's been too much for me to commit too.
Female dogs, specifically a Gshep mix, a husky, and 2 black labs, all f except one of the labs.

Also 3 mares. 1 mini, 1 arabian, 1 morgan, all 3 f

Love my animals but always super nervous about sharing - there's like 2, maybe 3 people I'd dare film/ photograph for because I'm super paranoid about my stuff getting out =x


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I've been around a long time. Some of you, (Cabron, Fausty, Donquxhote, and others) I've gotten to know very well over the years.
How was the lioness??? I need more info now lol. I've never thought about what a lions ass might fee like until now
surprisingly roomy, yet very hot and smooth, and the more she was enjoying it the tighter it got. think of muscular rings with the sort of control to feel like its trying to suck you deeper, and you have a vague idea of how it felt . I dont want to say too much, as its easy to leave a newbie with ''just enough info to get ehemselves hurt'' but suffice it to say it took a great many years in the veterinary field, and many more getting to know the animals to get into that position, but that feeling when her butt clamps down and spasms rythmically and you both climax together, it is truly perfection.
DO NOT try this alone. NOT ONLY IS THERE RISK IF SHE IS NOT INTO IT, but also if she is. human skin is simply not designed to stand up to the affectionate licking of a lioness. Enjoy the knowledge of those of us so fortunate, and do not endanger ypurselves and the animals by trying something you do not fully understand.