Who on here has actually been with a animal


I've been with my brown lab a lot, never knotted me unfortunately. Next is my GSD, who needs work on his sexual confidence the poor guy. Hopefully one day I'll live on my own with my own bois and we'd have fun every hour :gsd_wink:
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I’ve only been with one male dog and even then I didn’t do much but it was a couple of times and that’s all I needed lol


Its sadly been a long time but I've been with several. When I was younger and horny all the time I tried it with most farm animals. I did a lot sheep, a few goats and a couple mares. Once I learned I could have sex with a bitch though I pretty much stuck to them since it was easier and didn't require going out of the house at night. I must of had the two family bitches thousands of time over the years through my teens and early 20s. Once I left home though I wasn't in a position to have a dog and though I'd like to get one now the wife isn't entirely on board with it yet
My first orgasm that I didn’t give to myself was from the family dog. I learned the magic of his tongue that day and may have repeated it several more times lol I haven’t had the pleasure of being knotted yet. But super curious


As a boy I let our male Labrador lick me to completion and clean up.
Later on I wanted to have sex with our female lab but she wasn’t interested.


I myself have been with dogs male and female, a mare and a gelding.
I have chatted with people and it seems 50/50
I’ve been with various labradors (black, yellow and chocolate) all males, adopted a malnourished hunting dog (he would knot me then fall to sleep for at least 30 minutes) and a male pittie that allows me to ride him for a while and i get him to unload various times in one session and one pitbull/sharpei mix, she loves anal


One bitch and a "few" male canoes have had their pleasure with my body and one even stood with his large penis fully out as I buried my seed inside his hot arse


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In terms of non-human animals, I've only been with horses. I'm totally ok with that, however.


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Just the one female setter I've messed with others mainly a retriever and a boxer mut but I for the most part have only had one mate.


Messed around with a gelding when i was a teen, received bj from family dog, ate out and fingered our bitch which she loved but never went all the way. But possibilities can be in the future 😌
Only like 3 dogs. Played with the dangly bit and then I tried to make it inside. But that was way before I knew what the fugh to do.