Who on here has actually been with a animal

I've only ever been with male and female dogs, all my own.

I'd love to have some fun with horses sometime as well though, without a doubt.
I have been fucked by plenty of dogs. Knotted by all of them. My first knotting and penile penetration was by a German Shepherd Rottie mix! Having a dogs cock slide into your ass and or pussy if you got one it amazing. For me it was me losing my virginity to a dog which is awesome in my book and anyone that lost their virginity to animals it like an awesome thing.

But I have gotten to suck a horses dick for 3 seconds and locked his big ass balls all the time and motorboat his balls when I was alone with the horse. But honestly I want to taste horse cum and one day hopefully get to fuck a horse in the ass or pussy. It's been a life long dream for me.

People that have farms or love by farms are so lucky. I know a person that have a mini farm but won't let me fuck any of their animals even though she know I'm a full zoophile that want to fuck their horses.
Just dogs, but played with several breeds. A bad temprered shepherd, a sweet lurcher and lab, and a very enthusiastic rottie, All those just mounted and fucked without knotting but my heart was taken by the first dog I got to play with regularly, a mastiff, who was just the right mixture of dominant and sweet. Fucked like crazy then just rested into the knot licking my face while his amazing knot emptied int me while we were knotted. Just the best. He also loved kissing and my drinking his cum. Miss him like crazy, he developed. grass allergy, became really ill and had to be put down. I hope one day to meet a dog as lovely.
Make here. I have but very limited experience. Just been licked and “made out” with one but that’s it. Definitely want a lot more experience!