Who on here has actually been with a animal


Make here. I have but very limited experience. Just been licked and “made out” with one but that’s it. Definitely want a lot more experience!


Zooville Settler
Dogs, horses, a pig, and a dolphin. (Latter one will no doubt be called into question and I 100% understand the skepticism, I often shy from sharing that, since it was a random chance encounter that will never happen again.) Plus most people that know of my lifestyle don't know about the pig or the dolphin.


Zooville Settler
I'm currently making out with my sweet girl, and sometimes she eats me out, I've had a few small dogs eat me out before but never dared or even though about going all the way, well, now I would like a big boy.


Couple of male dogs, oral only. Really want the opportunity to try more, but sadly not in a position to be an owner :(