Where is the weirdest place you have ever fucked?


ive done it a fair few weird places, suppose the weirdest was an empty shop, the glass was darkened from the outside but clear looking from inside to out, there was a que of people queing for a nightclub and i was being fucked from behind looking at them, they had no idea i was being fucked silly just a few feet away from them.
This kind of sex i love very much, once i set up a ladder in my ground level main room, and let a blanket hanging from it on the street site, i was "working" on it as people would see if they look inside the house, and a woman that i still be friends with came in and sucked me long time till exploding, i almost fell off the ladder. 😉


How about a weird place at a weird time?
A woman who invited me to her family's Thanksgiving, about 15 minutes until dinnertime, dragged me by the hand to some bedroom, somewhere. She pinned me against the wall with her body, and whispered breathlessly with her lips to mine, "You have to fuck me, dammit."
I shoved her backward onto a nearby bed, she wriggled her dress to her waist, grabbed my long hair and pulled my face to between her legs. I put my mouth to work and made her cum like a wild animal in about 30 seconds.
Thanks for listening.
Its like you scratch on places they can't reach... Thanks for writing it down

I loves mares

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Women's bathroom at a rest stop after watching a horrible movie at the theater. Surprisingly clean place for once. Laid my jacket on the cold sink for her, gentleman like ya know 😏 cant have her bum frozen kills the mood...anyone cold isn't having fun let alone passion or enjoyment, if my female partner human or mare isn't showing me that look, those eyes all big and sparkling, breaths of pure feeling of enjoyment/love then I have failed her. Can't be having none of that one day some of you guys will learn the difference lol...anyway we both had a wonderful time, getting cought only made the hearts race faster giving us both excited jitters. My first movie date was a well made memorable experience.


about 40 feet from a police car with 2 cops , i was inside a goat at the time and they pulled into the car park next to where i was but i wasn't going to stop, i could see them but they couldn't see me. as i was behind a hedge. had to put on my best 'havent just fucked a goat; face when i stood up
In high school, my bf took me to a baseball game and we had sex in the nosebleed section. I wore a sun dress and no underwear so all I had to do was lift my dress up and sit on his dick. We didn’t watch very much of the game.
Love your avatar. Wish I could find a girl like you around here!


here friends the experience and excitement is nice I would like to do it too of course dog experience is important


In a crowded movie theater, I ate my girl out…then clap the cheeks for a bit. We smash at a playground (in my car at 12am) but we got caught by the cop 👮‍♂️


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In my hospital’s trauma storage room as for animals weirdest place was probably an irrigation ditch with my golden


Family reunion at lake Erie in the water few family members in the water but most on the beach or on the porch. Prior to that she kept telling me that she was going to do that and it was definitely one of the most memorable times. Luckily we never got caught.


The back field of my old elementary school, pretty sure it was about midnight.
I spent the majority of the time eating her out then she let me finish inside her.