Where is the weirdest place you have ever fucked?


Weirdest? I once had sex in a hotel room, which isn't weird except for the fact that the hotel was abandonned. Like, it just felt weird, it's a place that you're used to seeing one way and then there was the distinct feeling something was off by the fact that it was run down and abandonned.
As stated in another post.

We have a lot of bunkers and military buildings left behind by the sowjets during their occupation. Some of which hidden deep in the forest where i go jogging, and do the walkies. We have fucked there. Its somewhat spooky, but also safe and a nice repurpose of such buildings.


With human: In a field not too far from my house, late at night, with another guy from my city that I met in an online chat room.

With animal: I'm yet to fuck and get fucked by an animal, be it in a weird place or not xD

Would LOVE to go fuck in the woods with a horse or a mid to large sized dog <3, or even with another guy if we "match" our tastes xP


So the question is in the title, where is the weirdest / best place you have ever fucked someone ?? I’m curious as to how far y’all would go for that pleasure.
Top of a flat roofed bus shelter, obscured by tree branches....but the shale roof chafed my back!