Where is the weirdest place you have ever fucked?


Zooville Settler
In an old school squash court (not the glass ones.) My wife was loosing and her distraction technique was awesome!


Mi lugar más fue un motel cuando recién inicias es como una droga y solo los vez y quieres que te chupen y te monten y no aguante y motel y se les hizo raro a los de administración porque si gritaba mucho y no había pareja humana jajaja sin saber que mi perrito era el macho ,


So the question is in the title, where is the weirdest / best place you have ever fucked someone ?? I’m curious as to how far y’all would go for that pleasure.
On a balcony of a club I used to work in… I was on my break. The bad thing is the DJ and customers could see me, the owner had to come out and tell me to go back work or ‘clock off’.

After I finished work, I went down to the ‘later bar’ and fucked her in the toilets.
…good times.
Had amazing sex one night in a cemetery, on a blanket, naked, and under the stars. It was incredible.
Two days later I found out that a lot of houseless persons regularly spend the night in that cemetery.
I'm pretty sure we gave them a great show.