Where is the weirdest place you have ever fucked?

the weirdest place would defiantly have to be when I went skinny dipping with a friend in a busy lake, was a lot of fun!
With an ex while in high school, under a blanket in the back of the bus during a band trip (queue "one time at bandcamp" jokes)

Same ex after highschool, she gave me a handjob in the back seat of the car while my parents were in the front seat (again, under a blanket)

Current wife, while dating, in a car in an empty parking lot, late at night.
Had sex with a woman that was probably twice my age in the back of my 92 bronco in a bar parkinglot. Obviously the back seat wasn't in it.
With my girlfriend on the back seat of my bosses car in a Hamburg multi-storey car park.
Was on the way to pick up his wife from the airport but the flight was delayed so we needed to kill some time 😂
It didn’t smell of sex at all when we picked her up, honestly..
in the break room at the cvs I worked at when I was in HS. my girlfriend at the time was a shift leader. when we worked at night we'd leave one of the cashiers up front when it was slow and close to closing
First aid station at a construction site last year lol, my crew knew what happened didn't even get in shit