1. B

    Things I crave

    This is strictly a fetish for me, I love getting my nuts licked by my dog, especially when I’m high! There’s nothing better than just pulling your pants down and having the dog go crazy all over your sack, within 2 minute my whole groin is covered in slobber and drool and when it’s time to cum...
  2. sophandbear

    First time letting my dog lick me

    I am thinking of trying this tomorrow and I have had people tell me to not use peanut butter or anything like that on me but there were also other people telling me to do it so I am confused on how I should do it... if people had bad experiences with using stuff it would be nice to know just so...
  3. Lyn4Zoo

    Any other wives enjoy holding hubby's cock for dog to lick?

    After my hubby has cum in me, and the dog follows, my hubby enjoys having me hold the base of his cock as our dog licks him clean, then our dog spends more time cleaning me and getting me off again, just in time for hubby to show up at my lips for a delightful finish.
  4. coolbitchh

    Newbie has a question...

    Is licking the dick head is dangerous? And what kind of diseases can it lead to?
  5. FormerFarmGirl

    Dogs liking stank

    Do you think a dog would want to have a go and get at your crotch for a licking if you neglected your hygiene down there and let the scent and nasty build up?
  6. FormerFarmGirl

    The sound of licking

    Does the sound of a dog licking make anyone else so damn horny? I can cum to just the sound, it might be my favorite part. Even hearing a dog lick something non sexual turns me on now
  7. FormerFarmGirl

    Question for girls who let their dogs lick them

    When you’re done, do you wash off after? Or just pull up your panties and go about your day? Do you ever “wash” yourself down there by letting your dog clean you?
  8. F

    24 M, San Jose, Cali

    Looking for some cool females in SoCal or NorCal that’s into male k9’s. I move around cali alot so pretty mobile, pretty new to this as well so just hit me up!
  9. FormerFarmGirl

    Why DO dogs love to lick pussy?

    Hi! 23/F here, and literally just the sounds of a dog licking anything turn me on. But what is also hot-and fascinating- to me; is WHY do they do it? Some doing it like their life depends on it? Is it because of the smell, they think it’s dirty? Or like a bitch in heat? So you think dogs like to...