Question for girls who let their dogs lick them


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I don't wear underwear very often. I have a shower if we have had a particularly messy time, and sometimes I just curl up on the floor for a couple of hours, but personal hygiene is important. But if I have only been licked I don't worry so much, no.


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If I'm just getting licked I normally won't shower right after and wear the same panties. Cooper loves to seem to like to sniff them later in the day if I had either been horny or he licked me and I didn't change them. That being said I won't ever let it go to far because of hygiene but it can definitely be fun exposing him to my panties at the end of the day because he likes to lick them and I think he gets excited from the smell and then in turn wants to be with me even more then he already does.
Dogs mouths are not cleaner than a humans. anyone getting licked should wash it away or at least pee afterwards to avoid UTI. dogs will lick anus to vagina and/or urethra and that is not a healthy environment. bacteria from both the dogs mouth, and the surrounding area will give you a nasty infection. take a baby wipe and do a quick wipe of the area after play or bear minimum pee right after.