1. F

    Ladies vote whats better?

    Whats better vaginally ladies? Horse or dog Asking as a fellow young lady :) x
  2. R

    Men Who Have Been Fucked By Animals, What’s Your Story?

    I’m a lady who finds guys getting fucked by horses/dogs incredibly hot. I think I’ve read every story and watched every porn out there of a man being penetrated by a dog/horse. I’d love to hear your stories! <3
  3. Z

    Favourite horses

    Love to see all your gorgeous horses. Here’s mine.
  4. H

    Happy endings for city folk?

    I am a 23M zoo-exclusive who is attracted to horses (mares and stallions) and other large farm animals. I am currently in college and live in a city. Nobody in my family is a farmer or owns horses, I grew up in the suburbs. Thankfully, my parents are well off financially, so once I discovered...
  5. V

    Chance Unflared (Bad Dragon)

    Not sure if this has been posted about before, but at least in sure this is the right forum! I have a bad dragon chance unflared (medium). It is totally awesome. It was hard to get, (took patience and site checks), but I am confident it's better than other toys out there of the same kind (such...
  6. T

    Chatpartner/in gesucht, Fantasien, Erfahrungen

    Hey ich suche jemanden zum austauschen der versauten Fantasien, Erfahrungen oder eventueller Umsetzung. Meldet euch gerne.
  7. Natme0202


    Witajcie, co prawda konto mam tutaj już jakiś czas ale teraz zaczynam tu przebywać na poważnie. Chciałem się przywitać i przedstawić jestem Kamil mam 20 lat i kręci mnie animal od może 1,5 roku obejrzałem wiele filmów i myślę czy może nie spróbować. Moją fantazją jest zrobienie z tego z kłącza...
  8. L

    what is the thing do you love most about mares?

    i really love their big butts, specially their buttholes, I just wann hug them and lick them, horses do have the best butts
  9. Sub_kinky69

    What would you prefer? Getting mounted by a horse or K9?

    Which animal’s cock would you prefer having cum inside you and through which hole?
  10. femboy_furry:3

    Horse Cum Myth or Fact

    I’ve heard horse cum is sweet and thick almost like a pudding. I think it is because some horse racing stadiums sell shots of whiskey with horse semen in it so I assume it adds something. Can someone confirm if this is true?
  11. luke jagger

    Easy to have land and horses in Canada ?

    Heyy guys, I’m living in Europe, and moving to Canada this year. I was wondering if it was common or easy to get horses in Canada ? Is the weather isn’t too cold to have equines ? Thanks for the awnser 😁
  12. LeartNAFO

    Horse rack just made for horse-lovers

    When I saw this photo I was really amazed and at the same time I absolutely loved it - It looks like that its from the movie Coming of Sin (1978) back then it was probably not so taboo to make productions or talk about zoophilia. Just imagine if there would be companies making such things to...
  13. L

    How to use a silicone horse dildo

    Is it ok to use a horse dildo with my wife to prepare for the real thing, and how many weeks should it take to open her up? She knows the length is limited but the thickness the first 5 times has been the issue. Yes to lots of lube and gentle twisting and the dildo is smooth with a slight...
  14. M

    Hello, I'm new and nervous MTF

    Hi all, I'm on the eastern seaboard and really nervous about posting this. I never really considered myself a zoo despite occasionally watching irl zoo porn and frequently looking at furry zoo porn. Wasn't until I read this article that I discovered a few days ago that I realized a big part of...
  15. K9juiceaddict1

    My deepest darkest fantasy is to be....

    I dream of being kidnapped, forced to live as a woman, given hormones etc. Kept locked in a cage 24/7 with huge buttplug and long dildos inside me until I am allowed out to please my owner. I want to be forced to endure long sessions of being brutally used and abused, massive and long dildo...
  16. A

    What would you say is the best horse-breed for a first time owner/trainer

    I have read a lot of "top 10 horse breeds for a first time breeder/trainer" and I have an idea about what a good first horse could be. So I wanted to know what your experiance with different breeds have been. What breed would you say is the best? Also what age would you say is the best to get...
  17. M

    Newbie here

    New here! Mainly interested in mares. Can anyone share there experiences? How they got involved? I do not currently own any mares or horses, Is there ways to still experience it, if so how did it happen for you? I have tons of experience with horse care and would have no problem keeping and...
  18. M

    What’s your experience with mares?

    Hey everyone! I’m new here, interested in hearing peoples experiences and stories, mainly involving mares, I also have tons of questions! I would love to chat with anyone who has experience with having sex with a mare :) it’s one’s of my biggest dreams and fantasies, I’d love to make it happen...
  19. Equinecocklover


    Hi, new member here. Just wanted to introduce my self. I mainly here to talk to like minded people and explore. I'm very interested in all things equine. Not really sure when it all started and why I like it to much. I'm just really sick of keeping this side of me locked away and hidden. Look...
  20. alisacolato

    Confession: something you like but will never do

    Me first. I would love to feel a horse breeding my ass, but I´m so scared I can get hurt bad.
  21. F

    Qu'est-ce que ça fait d'avoir des relations sexuelles avec un cheval?

    Je m'excuse pour mon français
  22. F

    ¿Cómo es tener relaciones sexuales con un caballo?

    Me interesa
  23. pervbagel12

    Would you rather…

    just to see what y’all would like to be
  24. SkinnySubBitchSissy

    Do male dogs/horses sense human attraction?

    You can read my posts (in story section) and from my experience I believe animals sense human attraction. For example my horse story, that horse doesn't get hard with other people petting him but he gets hard with me and tries to dominate me. I think they can also sense other emotions like...
  25. elijadarkfur

    Cheers from Cologne

    Hey folks, Oliver from Cologne here. 45, single, and deeply into horses and all kinds of equines since I was 12(ish). Happy having found this after being "away from forums" after the shutdown of the BF. Good to be back, I already seemd to have found some names which I remember. Have an amazing...
  26. musclezoo

    When did you notice a deeper connection with your best friend?

    Hey :) I’m curious…when did you notice a deeper connection with your best friend. I have a male dog and a stallion and that deeper connection started slowly after some months. Tell me your story!
  27. HorseLoverPerv

    People who have had anal sex with both genders of horses

    Have you found out if mares or stallions enjoy it more?
  28. Cowboi69

    Horse size question

    So it's accepted that a healthy 60lb dog is generally the minimal weight for penetrative intercourse. But what's the minimum weight for a horse?
  29. C

    Question for active horse lovers

    Hello, I am new to this community but i have been interested in horses for over a decade. Though I am not an active member of this community, I have begun writing short stories for my own personal consumption. Recently I have been striving to write more accurate and realistic scenes. I've...
  30. boner5150

    XL flared Horse dildo

    It’s finally here! I’m so ready for the challenge and bottom out on this bad boy