1. Slimknotlover72

    New Member from SoCal

    Hey everyone. I am new to this. I dont want to be called by my real name so I call myself Slim because I am a 5’9 skinny male. I do not like to be a giver. I am a full reciever. I always fantasized getting fucked by dogs, horses, aliens. I am into human females but I am NOT into human males.
  2. Stormurhryssa

    Ponyo horsewear. Anyone know this brand? This blanket suits my demon pony mule and is in her colors. Purple for a black and silver mule.
  3. Walzoweed

    Who else thought there weren't as many zoophile's out there?

    Since only finding this website today, Im now starting to realize how many Zoophiles there are just in my local area, I live in Scotland (which in comparison to many other countries in Europe, has quite a small population) - yet I have found many profiles and chats all dedicated to areas mere...
  4. boltman

    Cards Against Humanity humor

    I won that round XD
  5. Tyler2303

    30M in Australia

    Hi, i'm a 30 yrs old Sydney based straight male interested into having a 1rst experience taking a male horse but also interested in dogs. I've been switched on when i was a teenager while working at my uncle's farm for holidays, the second i've seen a horse dick just made me click. After that...
  6. Pyotr1745

    my ideal bestiality fantasy that i'd like to accomplish

    Hello everyone. So first of all, i'm Bisexual both for humans and animals. For zoo i absolutely love horses for a hella lot of reasons, their size, body shape, social behaviors, awesome cocks, big wet n hot vaginas, the best anuses ever and so on. So about my fantasies i'd like to have a farm...
  7. Pyotr1745

    Has anyone tried anal with a Stallion?

    Greetings everyone. So for a bit of context, i'm bisexual, i love humans as equaly as animals put for zoo i really love horses over all. so as a bi horsezoo i´d like to have both stallions and mares to pleasure myself and also them, specially because horse anuses are amazing so i was wondering...
  8. A

    18 year old m2f

    heyy im an 18 year old m2f from canada. im a lesbian for humans, but straight for animals. i love dogs, horses, cats, and dolphins im a HUGE cumslut, id love to bathe in a tub full of fresh horse cum. also kinda into rape? only fatansy really for humans, but id 100% be down to get raped by a...
  9. S

    Do I fuck his horses? [EDIT: This was out of brief desperation that I have overcome.]

    The obvious answer is obvious I know, but could it really be that bad? My landlord is a pretty weird guy, and he has horses. If I said something like "I know someone that is willing to pay to get pictures of horse genitalia" or something, what is the worst that could happen? It's a business...
  10. Z

    What does the inside texture of horse anus feel like?

    According to in this sub area it is "warm, wet, firm, and tight around the entrance", but what is the texture like when you are inside? There must be something you'll feel apart from the grip when moving in and out...
  11. S

    Pareja española de Barcelona buscando caballo

    Hola somos una pareja de Barcelona buscando chica o chico bi con caballo, si alguien tiene o sabe donde hacer contacto que nos lo haga saber, gracias y un saludo.
  12. F

    Looking to be with a stallion but not sure how do go about it and looking for advice

    I'm looking to be with a stallion or mini the unfortunate thing is I cannot in my current situation afford to care for one and I was wondering if there were other alternatives such as meet ups etc (I'm aware this is a long process) any tips precautions warnings or general insight would be...
  13. Ilovealltaboo

    23f , any stories to cum to?

    I’m laying next to my bf just reading and searching, my pussy is so wet anyone care to share their experiences and make me bust??
  14. H

    anyone else not want to actually have sex with a horse, but love the idea of worshipping one with your mouth and nose?

    The sheer size of the cock is intimidating, but also I giant turn on. it gets me so leaky lol I wish I could just rub my whole ass face against one and its balls too. better if it was slightly unwashed
  15. H

    I have questions about Zoophilia, can you help me ? (Outsider)

    Hello you quite unique people (I'm a outsider from another country). I don't want to be rude I just want to understand, you are all free to do whatever you want and I don't care. I have a strange relationship with Zoo (porn), on one hand it aroused me and on another hand it disgusts me (my...
  16. abc2020

    How many of you (both sexes) do anal

    Hi My question goes for both females - do you enjoy anal, - guys would you let your female partner fuck you with a strap on?? Guys- If the situation was right would you let a guy fuck you or you fuck him even if you see yourself as straight?? Also, guys would you fuck a male animal, do you?? Xx
  17. Rubyta144

    My outburst

    I think that occasionally someone will read it, so I decided to post it here. money and not for zoophiles. It is made for fetishists who like to see women doing strange things with their bodies. Pornography usually comes with a fake cum from a soft cock from a completely disinterested horse...
  18. M

    I expected a pony

  19. toomanyflies

    someone who’s new to this entire thing in the U.S.

    I’m a bored guy from the U.S. who found that I fantasize about horses... especially butts though... then I find this community. Consider me interested in talking with like-minded people over here.
  20. H

    Different positions with stallion?

    I'm just wondering if there are different positions to take a stallion and are there pros and cons to different positions? Also, how exactly does the standard position work because aren't stallions like a thousand pounds?
  21. H

    Positions to take a stallion?

    If this is in the wrong section I apologise and I'm sure someone might have asked this question before, but are there different positions to taking a stallion if so can you explain them? And how exactly does that standard position work because aren't stallions like a thousand pounds?
  22. Evie

    ZOO and families

    Posted this in Best. but thought it'd have a good audience here too. I'm curious to those who still live at home, or those that have their own human families: how do you keep your lifestyle separate from them? Do you? I'm curious to know about if your mated to the family dog, how does he/she...
  23. Evie

    ZOO and families

    I'm curious to those who still live at home, or those that have their own human families: how do you keep your lifestyle separate from them? Do you? I'm curious to know about if your mated to the family dog, how does he/she interact with the family? Or if you're into larger animals, like if on a...
  24. S

    Mare being hard to understand

    Hello ! I do own a mare since many years now, we're having good moments and experiences (not sexual) and i'm trying to introduce her to sex. To make it short, she is really a special mare, she has special moods, never show any sign of heat or anything and it's really hard to know what she...
  25. B

    Female Donkey vs Female Horses

    Are there any difference between the two? In behavior etc??
  26. A


    Ok so what about snapchatting and sharing content with like minded friends or chatting good or bad idea and why
  27. Axis-deer

    Would you be willing to give up your current life to go live with other zoos and their animals?

    I own a small horse breeding farm. I have more going on than I can do myself but I do not make enough money to pay people to work for me. I figured it would be easy to find zoos that do not have access to animals and would like to move here, work part time helping me take care of the horses and...
  28. M

    Wardruna- Raido

    Great song and a handsome stallion. " Dark clouds drift within The longing lures pulls my mind Will you carry me? I want to go Fair foal, I bid you Sacks rich with gold of the fields Fare swiftly on flying hoofs Carry me, and I promise you Ride out Raido The storm is stilled, the mind it...
  29. H

    Woman : How does it feels to have a Horse penis (and cum) inside your pussy / ass ?

    Just asking, I'm curious. (Seeing woman doing something dirty with a horse turn me on so much)
  30. 6

    horse fucking dog? Zoophilia

    Video of horse fucking dog? So far I've only seen two videos.