1. huskylover23

    New to the site

    Hey everyone new to the site but have been into zoo for as long as I can remember, 23 gay Male living in soca looking to make new friends and more if the opportunity arises, can’t wait to chat and make new friends
  2. M

    My kinky soul mate.

    Hi everyone, i hope this is posted in the right section, apolagies if not. I am a 41 year old woman in Kent England. My first encounter with a dog happened when i was young, i stayed at my cousins one night and he had a little dog, i slept on the floor and the dog came up to me in the middle of...
  3. jumba

    Where do you (active or not) hang with your pets outside the house?

    I'm curious: where in the world are we? What do we do outside with our furry companions? I'm always curious to know where I might have passed like minded people and never had the courage to strike up a conversation. Without a dog myself, I don't get out for daily walks, but more than once I've...
  4. S

    Питер парень 21 год ищет кобеля или жеребца

    Мне 21 год Рост 176 Вес 59 Опыт с кобелём был небольшой, но хочу воплотить мечту и чтобы меня трахнули как следуют
  5. I

    I only get more curious? And desires build up.

    I live in Iceland, in a cabin out in the country. Behind my cabin is a fence with 4 mares, every day I go and give them carrots and hay and of course pet them a little. But every day I want to move more and more towards their vulvas. I see them when they rase their tails, I see a their...
  6. FitFreak1

    Sheath for XL guys…

    So idk about some of you but comfortable toys for guys with big dicks are kinda limited in terms of options. I’ve been looking for a sheath/ masturbator for a a few months now and tried a few of the cheaper Etsy options to gauge the right size I fit in comfortably and to sense how much bigger (I...
  7. D

    New to the site but not the lifestyle

    Hello from nebraska Let me say I have experienced a sow and lab knotting since the age of 13 and love the feeling it both give and takes. I would love some new experiences with a horse and or a boar someday. Till then I'll be searching
  8. H

    Tips for pleasuring my gelding

    I have a gelding and we love each other very much. He's a retired riding horse, nearing 25 years old. I've only known him for a couple months but we've already formed an unbreakable bond and I want to do something nice for him. No matter what I try, I can't seem to get him to drop and maintain...
  9. ttk9

    Peculiar taste for porn?

    My boyfriend and i love to spend nights watching zoo porn (especially with dogs and horses <3) I actually enjoy closing my eyes and let my imagination run wild while i just listen, while his pleasure is watching, but with no sound. what makes him incredibly hard is watching the full process of a...
  10. gayzoolover

    New here, I want to make zoo friends 😊

    Hi, I'm new in this page, I would like to have friends with the same interests.
  11. V

    Horses are expensive

    I've just been perusing around and I shouldn't be surprised that horses are pretty freaking expensive. Not only that but I've been searching land for sale around me (not that I had an option to afford land to begin with) but I'm just trying to picture my perfect scenario that I could have with...
  12. A

    I can not find it

    hello Excuse me, does anyone know what happened to the publication where 2 stallion horses appeared, one with a pink cock and the other with a black cock? I think they had started with short videos with a horse with a pink dick applying cream
  13. V

    New Zoo testing the waters

    Hello all! After finding this forum and reading a few posts I couldn't help but feel curious and interested in human x animal cross breeding. I guess to start off, I watched a YouTube video condemning Zoo's and how there is even a Zoo podcast on YouTube called "Zooier Than Thou" or something...
  14. JackCouger

    New member!

    hi! I understand the apprehension towards new users here, It's clear that im sure plenty of people have tried to infiltrate places like this, but im a genuine zoo, promise. I tried signing up a few months ago but the registry wasn't working, fuck ive been trying to get in contact with you lot...
  15. M

    I’m a young intersex woman interested in exploring the world of zoos!

    Hi all, so Ive been told that sex with animals is wrong all my life. I plan to challenge that idea I have two dogs, one male (castrated before I got him) and one female. both are mid sized And middle aged. im not sure if I’m interested in sex with either of them, but having sex with another...
  16. pes

    Tastes and smells

    This thread aims to collect interesting information about what animal genitalia smells and tastes like for various species. If you come across a post somewhere which adds more information or a new species, feel free to post a link below and I will add it. It is intended to give you a general...
  17. B

    Hello from Denmark/Sweden (28M)

    Hello all! Finally convinced myself to make a proper profile. I find myself repeatedly coming back to the site looking and hoping for something to happen. So figured it was finally time to do a bit more. Would love to get mounted by a dog or horse, or just to get to touch, play and taste them...
  18. SkinnySubBitchSissy

    Can I get ill from swallowing LOTS of horse cum?

    So here's a quick brief - I am a twink farm hand, I do general duties including mucking out, feeding and sheath cleaning. The owner of the land has over 30 horses and I have a very good connection with them all, he allows me to do my job and also masturbate his male horses but he warned me to...
  19. T

    How could i have sex with a horse?

    I’ve been a zoo for a while now but haven’t really spoke. about it much, i’ve always wanted to fuck a horse but i don’t keep them and it’s very unlikely that i ever will. i have very distant family that have one but we don’t speak much and even if we did i doubt they’d let me. what could i do?
  20. F

    Ladies vote whats better?

    Whats better vaginally ladies? Horse or dog Asking as a fellow young lady :) x
  21. R

    Men Who Have Been Fucked By Animals, What’s Your Story?

    I’m a lady who finds guys getting fucked by horses/dogs incredibly hot. I think I’ve read every story and watched every porn out there of a man being penetrated by a dog/horse. I’d love to hear your stories! <3
  22. Z

    Favourite horses

    Love to see all your gorgeous horses. Here’s mine.
  23. Horsephile

    Happy endings for city folk?

    I am a 23M zoo-exclusive who is attracted to horses (mares and stallions) and other large farm animals. I am currently in college and live in a city. Nobody in my family is a farmer or owns horses, I grew up in the suburbs. Thankfully, my parents are well off financially, so once I discovered...
  24. V

    Chance Unflared (Bad Dragon)

    Not sure if this has been posted about before, but at least in sure this is the right forum! I have a bad dragon chance unflared (medium). It is totally awesome. It was hard to get, (took patience and site checks), but I am confident it's better than other toys out there of the same kind (such...
  25. T

    Chatpartner/in gesucht, Fantasien, Erfahrungen

    Hey ich suche jemanden zum austauschen der versauten Fantasien, Erfahrungen oder eventueller Umsetzung. Meldet euch gerne.
  26. Natme0202


    Witajcie, co prawda konto mam tutaj już jakiś czas ale teraz zaczynam tu przebywać na poważnie. Chciałem się przywitać i przedstawić jestem Kamil mam 20 lat i kręci mnie animal od może 1,5 roku obejrzałem wiele filmów i myślę czy może nie spróbować. Moją fantazją jest zrobienie z tego z kłącza...
  27. L

    what is the thing do you love most about mares?

    i really love their big butts, specially their buttholes, I just wann hug them and lick them, horses do have the best butts
  28. Sub_kinky69

    What would you prefer? Getting mounted by a horse or K9?

    Which animal’s cock would you prefer having cum inside you and through which hole?
  29. femboy_furry:3

    Horse Cum Myth or Fact

    I’ve heard horse cum is sweet and thick almost like a pudding. I think it is because some horse racing stadiums sell shots of whiskey with horse semen in it so I assume it adds something. Can someone confirm if this is true?
  30. luke jagger

    Easy to have land and horses in Canada ?

    Heyy guys, I’m living in Europe, and moving to Canada this year. I was wondering if it was common or easy to get horses in Canada ? Is the weather isn’t too cold to have equines ? Thanks for the awnser 😁