1. H

    Howdy Horse Lovers

    Howdy howdy, I'm new here! My name basically says it all! Would love to chat with you all, especially those who enjoy a nice, meaty stallion cock like I do!~
  2. TamTheTwin

    Zoo/Bestiality motivational posters and memes

    If anyone has any ideas, feel free to suggest them or post your own. I hope this is the correct place, if not please tell me where to post em!
  3. porkrudi

    Teneriffa animal bi tv bitch

    Televiso a Rita buscando contactos reales para parejas como hombres mujeres. Tenga el contacto adecuado para el sexo animal real, especialmente como pollas y esperma. Sería feliz si alguien de Tenerife o Canarias. También desde el continente informaría. Hasta entonces. El amor de. Rita
  4. K9curiouscouple469

    Cleaning up sloppy seconds?

    Does anyone else want to add their own cum to the mix after their S.O. gets railed by an animal and then clean the mess with their lips and tongue or am I just warped?
  5. K9curiouscouple469

    K9curiouscouple here in WV

    M(bi)/F(bi) both 31 married. My wife and I shared our mutual interest in animals and our relationship only improved! She has no first-hand experience and mine is limited to sucking and drinking my dogs cum once upon a time. Not owners but she wants to feel me suck animal cum out of her cunt...
  6. A

    Inflatable Flare Horse Dildo?

    I've been curious if anyone has managed to produce a horse dildo with a manually inflatable flare. Couldn't seem to find any on my own. It definitely seems like it would be challenging to create.
  7. AverageEquineEnjoyer

    Do horses enjoy anal?

    So, I've always been curious. Do horses enjoy anal? I've seen a few videos of horses taking it up the bum by humans, even a few videos of horses accidently slipping into the wrong hole, but seem completely unbothered. Can anyone attest?
  8. Biguyharrisburg

    What type of porn would you like to see more on zv? Females w/

    I’m curious about what sort of porn people would like to see more of here on Zooville. This particular pole is geared towards those with an interest in seeing Females with Animals but ill also be posting a poll for Males w/ Animals, and one for other categories as well. Cant wait to see people’s...
  9. Biguyharrisburg

    What type of porn would you like to see more of here on zv? - Males w/

    I’m curious about what sort of porn people would like to see more of here on Zooville. This particular pole is geared towards those with an interest in seeing males with Animals but i’ll also be posting a poll for Females w/ Animals, and one for other categories as well. Cant wait to see...
  10. Stickyknot

    Daily submission to horse?

    I was wondering if anyone here had legitimate experience submitting themselves daily to larger breeds of horse? Is it too much to handle on a near daily basis, or have you found yourself rushing home from work with pants around your ankles? (This is a real question)
  11. L

    Horse vs Donkey.

    Horse vs Donkey. From your experience,which one is better? For companionship and affection wise? Also less dangerous.
  12. SakuraVRC

    PM videos of you and your animals!

    I want to see more of what The Zoo community has too offer so send me your videos!
  13. SakuraVRC

    How does horse pussy feel?

    I’ve seen a lot of irl zoo with guys and their horses. It looks so hot and nice but how does it actually feel?
  14. zgcarrier

    Bea$ty sex, It's the New trend of the Millennium.

    Personally, I don't think that's true, however, I saw it in the comments section of a video and those my age (45) will remember that in LATAM in the late 80's, you could only get material produced for profit such as Color Climax Corporation or poor quality Brazilian shit there was practically...
  15. zgcarrier

    subliminal horse fetish in bangbros

    I initially thought it was photoshopped, but no, it turns out to be a real boxcover, indeed they say: "Kristy May rides a stallion". WTF.
  16. vareslee000

    Hello everyone, I hope I’m in the right place

    Hi y’all, Please excuse my bad European like English , (my natural language is German) Im a Male fron Europe who doesn’t want to tell everybody his age im a tall student in a bigger apartment complex with a strict no animal policy. But enough from me let’s jump straight to the topic! (...
  17. ZTWolf

    Tis the season! Whats everyone getting there animal companions?

    Hello everyone! With Christmas just about a week away I'm curious on what's everyone getting there animal companions for the holiday! I'm getting my boxer some toys and treat and my horse some of his favorite treats! Plus lots of love to top it all off 🥰🥰
  18. L

    Anyy good book to buy about Horse?

    Any good book to buy that talks about Horse in ALL aspect with anatomy and all?
  19. knottedminnie

    Hiya! I’m Minnie 🐾

    Here’s my introduction! Thought it would be helpful to make some friends & meet people! I’m twenty years old, owner of two Siberian Husky’s, bisexual & in Ireland! I love both dogs & horses equally. :husky_love: I’m experienced a little but mainly love to watch people get fucked & love on...
  20. H

    Syd CBD Looking

    25 M looking for mates In NSW. Fit and healthy looking for k9/ equestrian fun or just chats and making new friends. Feel free to dm me
  21. L

    More ladies into horse...

    I am doing horseback riding regularly since a while now and see that there is A LOT of woman in the field. I am suprised! 😮 Not many guys are into this and it's fine by me. 😁 I wonder now...if some of those ladies are in those activities practice zoophilia with their horse or not? What are...
  22. R

    Fiance continues to surprise me

    A little context into why today was so surprising. Apologize for any rambling, I could seriously do with an editor lol. As mentioned in a previous post I have been opening up recently to my fiance about my interest in animals. We have been together about 10 years and known each other for about...
  23. ZooBag

    Just letting people know bout this.

    No, I haven’t fucked a horse… Yet- Generally waiting for the moment to come at some point In my kinky life but for now I’ll just wait and see for the time being.
  24. L

    After my first horseback ride, I want more..... 🐎

    I was hesitent to ride a horse but I still did it. I went for horseback riding just to see if I would like it ot not. The horse owner understood my fears and help me overcome it. Thanks that that wonderful experience, I want to try horse riding class and do more horse back riding. I am still...
  25. L

    I did some horse riding for the first time...

    I really enjoy it. I didn't know that services like that were accessible to the public. I really bonded with ny horse when I was riding with it. I thought that I would fall or the horse might bite me but it went really well. Thr creepy part of myself love the smell of the horse and I like...
  26. Slimknotlover72

    New Member from SoCal

    Hey everyone. I am new to this. I dont want to be called by my real name so I call myself Slim because I am a 5’9 skinny male. I do not like to be a giver. I am a full reciever. I always fantasized getting fucked by dogs, horses, aliens. I am into human females but I am NOT into human males.
  27. Stormurhryssa

    Ponyo horsewear. Anyone know this brand? This blanket suits my demon pony mule and is in her colors. Purple for a black and silver mule.
  28. Walzoweed

    Who else thought there weren't as many zoophile's out there?

    Since only finding this website today, Im now starting to realize how many Zoophiles there are just in my local area, I live in Scotland (which in comparison to many other countries in Europe, has quite a small population) - yet I have found many profiles and chats all dedicated to areas mere...
  29. boltman

    Cards Against Humanity humor

    I won that round XD
  30. Tyler2303

    30M in Australia

    Hi, i'm a 30 yrs old Sydney based straight male interested into having a 1rst experience taking a male horse but also interested in dogs. I've been switched on when i was a teenager while working at my uncle's farm for holidays, the second i've seen a horse dick just made me click. After that...