1. Equinecocklover


    Hi, new member here. Just wanted to introduce my self. I mainly here to talk to like minded people and explore. I'm very interested in all things equine. Not really sure when it all started and why I like it to much. I'm just really sick of keeping this side of me locked away and hidden. Look...
  2. alisacolato

    Confession: something you like but will never do

    Me first. I would love to feel a horse breeding my ass, but I´m so scared I can get hurt bad.
  3. F

    Qu'est-ce que ça fait d'avoir des relations sexuelles avec un cheval?

    Je m'excuse pour mon français
  4. F

    ¿Cómo es tener relaciones sexuales con un caballo?

    Me interesa
  5. pervbagel12

    Would you rather…

    just to see what y’all would like to be
  6. SkinnySubBitchSissy

    Do male dogs/horses sense human attraction?

    You can read my posts (in story section) and from my experience I believe animals sense human attraction. For example my horse story, that horse doesn't get hard with other people petting him but he gets hard with me and tries to dominate me. I think they can also sense other emotions like...
  7. elijadarkfur

    Cheers from Cologne

    Hey folks, Oliver from Cologne here. 45, single, and deeply into horses and all kinds of equines since I was 12(ish). Happy having found this after being "away from forums" after the shutdown of the BF. Good to be back, I already seemd to have found some names which I remember. Have an amazing...
  8. submissivepigbitch

    Adult male human for use

    Hello all animal lovers here. I'm new here so be nice to me. Please :husky_wink: Was talking to a person about how hard it had been as a male to find someone with animals because in my experience those that have animals pretty much almost always want a female to bring together with the animal...
  9. musclezoo

    When did you notice a deeper connection with your best friend?

    Hey :) I’m curious…when did you notice a deeper connection with your best friend. I have a male dog and a stallion and that deeper connection started slowly after some months. Tell me your story!
  10. HorseLoverPerv

    People who have had anal sex with both genders of horses

    Have you found out if mares or stallions enjoy it more?
  11. GingerBitchBoi

    23 FtEnby ~ newly into horse cock

    Hey I'm Zeph, 23, AFAB Non-binary, They/Them, Bisexual. I just recently got into horse cock after months and months of watching more and more hardcore porn😅 now I can't stop looking at women getting showered in buckets of horse cum and also eating mare pussy 🤭🤭 ~ not sure if I'd ever be brave...
  12. Cowboi69

    Horse size question

    So it's accepted that a healthy 60lb dog is generally the minimal weight for penetrative intercourse. But what's the minimum weight for a horse?
  13. C

    Question for active horse lovers

    Hello, I am new to this community but i have been interested in horses for over a decade. Though I am not an active member of this community, I have begun writing short stories for my own personal consumption. Recently I have been striving to write more accurate and realistic scenes. I've...
  14. B

    XL flared Horse dildo

    It’s finally here! I’m so ready for the challenge and bottom out on this bad boy
  15. H

    Greetings All and Horse Lovers!!! M26

    Hello everyone! It's a pleasure to meet you all! I've been a bit of a lurker but I think I'd like to be a bit more involved now! I'm a 26 year old male from the North and I'm very new to zoo :) I've had no experience at all but maybe someday I'll have my first <3 As my name suggests I'm quite...
  16. D

    Most realistic horse toy?

    My very specific desire is to be able to play with a horse urethra with my tongue while I jerk off. Does anybody have recommendations as to what horse dildo would have the most accurate mouthfeel?
  17. I

    Do different horse breeds have different penis sizes?

    Title pretty much says it all. If so, what breed is the biggest?
  18. filimoni

    Join a Group ? How?

    Hey zusammen, Meine Partnerin und ich wollen gerne in einige Gruppen hier eintreten …speziell diese mit dem Thema Hengst. Nur wie geht das ? Lg F+M
  19. H

    Who is very glad my little pony porn exists?

    I was into horses way before my little pony came out, but as soon as I realized that my little pony porn existed, it was such a relief, since I was gonna be able to get off more to cartoon horses as real horses. I’m a certain sense, that’s what brought me into the show, to be able to watch more...
  20. Ilovemarepuss

    Potential new girl

    So this may be my potential new girlie. The land and her paperwork are hopefully going through tomorrow. So looking forward to giving her the life she deserves. Loved and cherished. She will be my FIRST rescue. If anyone has any tips, hints on rescues then please drop a comment or DM. I'm...
  21. BelgianLover4Life

    Watch those eyes!

    so I happen to live in Lancaster County, there are no shortage of horses around the area, especially some of the big beautiful ones. But I just recently thought of the fact that as I'm driving around I'm checking out horses in Fields as if I was staring down a pretty woman walking down the...
  22. Z

    Horse Cocks and Fisting?

    I am interested in knowing weather those who are into taking horse cocks are also into taking a fist? I am a gay male and have been into fisting for years before thinking and fantasising of taking a horse cock and would like to know if there are crossovers for others between the two?
  23. Roxanne

    New here!

    Hi guys, I just joined up..something I have wanted to do for a while now. How do I get in the chat area to talk to members? I downloaded the chat to my phone. How do I find our horse group?
  24. jeffs_ fantasies

    Zoo Life-partner

    Ever had a dream to have a life partner who is a zoo?? Ever though of how exciting and adventurous each day will be? How we would obsess over doggie dicks and bitch pussies? Do you think you could get a life partner of similar interest from here? Or have you already found one? Share your thoughts…
  25. ~Junebug~

    Furry friends and toys?

    I always wondered how many zoos used toys with their animal lovers. Not really on themselves but on the animals. Is it pleasurable or is something like a vibrator too scary? I’ve seen a handful of videos here and there of owners using toys on their dogs and horses alike and while some of them...
  26. Jazzyyu

    American transgirl 0 experience with horses, any tips on how to get some experience.

    Iv always wanted to experience horse play, I want to take my first cum shot and try to drink it all and eventually be penatrated by a stallion with a huge flair. Can someone give me tips on how to find these experience because I don't know where to even start.
  27. H

    Howdy Horse Lovers

    Howdy howdy, I'm new here! My name basically says it all! Would love to chat with you all, especially those who enjoy a nice, meaty stallion cock like I do!~
  28. TamTheTwin

    Zoo/Bestiality motivational posters and memes

    If anyone has any ideas, feel free to suggest them or post your own. I hope this is the correct place, if not please tell me where to post em!
  29. porkrudi

    Teneriffa animal bi tv bitch

    Televiso a Rita buscando contactos reales para parejas como hombres mujeres. Tenga el contacto adecuado para el sexo animal real, especialmente como pollas y esperma. Sería feliz si alguien de Tenerife o Canarias. También desde el continente informaría. Hasta entonces. El amor de. Rita
  30. K9curiouscouple469

    Cleaning up sloppy seconds?

    Does anyone else want to add their own cum to the mix after their S.O. gets railed by an animal and then clean the mess with their lips and tongue or am I just warped?