1. mantomares1985

    Debating of getting a Mare's Toy

    It's been on my mind for a long time, but I'm thinking of getting a Mares toy. Although I don't know if it's worth getting one or if I should wait a while longer for someone to create a realistic version, and more importantly, if it feels real. So far, I'm looking at this product, and it's kind...
  2. mantomares1985

    Hi 👋 First time posting and new here

    Hi! I'm quite new to zoo and I decided to come out and hopefully interact! I'm over 30 years old and I'm only into men. My first time zoo was with a handsome pit, and I gotta say he was an amazing dom! (missed him to bits 😢) Oddly enough I'm not into women at all but for some reason, mares are...
  3. Luccian11

    French Kiss Horse

    Hello, do you have any videos, where a horse kisses with the tongue please! thank you
  4. JohnMax

    M26 Canada

    Hi, new here and kinda excited! Recently stumbled into a few things and would like to further explore. Gay, good looking, easygoing, open minded in Ontario, Canada. Hoping to further explore with like minded individuals..especially local horse owners for horseback riding etc Interested to...
  5. Luccian11

    Faire monter un étalon sur moi

    Bonjour, j'aimerais savoir pour mon étalon, comment lui faire comprendre que je lui demande de me monter ? Car je n'arrive pas à lui faire comprendre ! merci d'avance pour votre réponse
  6. DearKelpie<3


    Hi I’m Kelpie, an 18 year old zooey liberty horse trainer from Scandinavia! My mate is a beautiful mare! I have pretty much always known that I liked animals but just recently found come to terms with my sexuality. I’m a zoosexual lesbian but I also have a thing for human women. I ship Horse X...
  7. 1Ostwind1

    Need advice about mare

    Perhaps someone can tell me how to solve our problem. I have been in a relationship with a mare (mу arabian love) for more than 8 years (she is now 10), I took her when she was 1.5 years old. Of course I was her first and only. so our problem is that she doesn’t want to cum when I’m in her...
  8. Luccian11

    Comment approcher, un hongre ou un étalon pour s'amuser avec lui ?

    Bonsoir, je souhaiterais des conseils pour sujet dans le titre, ça serait gentil de votre part ! ( Je monte dans un centre équestre et je connais pas mal l'anatomie du cheval ! ) Merci
  9. D

    Flared horse toys

    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any horse dildos that have an inflatable head so you can make it flare whenever you want
  10. TheZooWolf

    People drink horse cum for YouTube video.

    Just found this video yesterday. Pretty surprised that this is a YouTube video. Some of you may have seen it. Though I myself haven’t had horse cum. I really think they are over reacting. Because i would have taken the whole shot too and not be fazed haha. Probably it’s because the cum is cold...
  11. Luccian11

    Bonjour j'espère que vous allez bien ! Je suis nouveau sur le forum, j'aimerais bien discuter avec des gens si possible ! Avoir des conseil.

    Comme vous l'aurais remarquer dans le titre je voudrais discuter de la zoophilie ou autre bien entendue ! Plus précisément les chevaux ( etalon - hongre ) car j'ai jamais eu le courage de le faire, c'est donc pour cela que je voudrais parler pour avoir des conseille cela serait cool ! Au...
  12. partyhardy

    How was everyone’s weekend? Anyone with same interest wanna be friends?

    Hello all I hope you’ve had a great weekend :) what did you guys do? I went on a family vacation and upon staying at a friends his female Dalmatian was playing with me and I couldn’t help but stare at her big 🐱 however I couldn’t do anything because I was around too many people.
  13. D

    Horse Ownership - Boarding Your Horse

    I want to get into horse ownership. My grandparents had horses while I was growing up. I loved visiting their ranch just to brush them, feed them, pet their necks and snouts. I just loved being around them. Never rode them. It was many years before I discovered zoo but when I did don't get me...
  14. peanl

    Might be getting a mare for the farm. Advice?

    So, I may be getting a mare here in the next couple days for the farm. I’ve always wanted to feel what that winking pussy feels like. I haven’t spent much time around horses so I’m going to be treading very lightly obviously. Anyone experienced in mares and have advice/guide to getting to that...
  15. M

    It stinks being into horses sometimes.

    I'm just lamenting the fact that horses require so much more time and money than dogs do. Much easier to become a dog owner than a horse owner. Given my current circumstances, I could own a dog right now if I wanted to do that. But I can't do the same for a horse. I just have to keep working on...
  16. monsterbwc

    27M and 30M in Los Angeles

    We’re a horse hung couple that has always gotten off together fantasizing about real horse or dog cock. New to the LA area and optimistically waiting for a hung horse or dog in our future. 🐾
  17. C

    Introducing myself, Colorado husky owner.

    Hey everyone!!! Chill 30 M here stoner and EDM vibe very kinky and open minded never would guess I have the tastes that I do and love chatting with and becoming friends who are open minded as well! I’m not new to the lifestyle but new to the community and am hopeful and excited. I’m open for...
  18. horseofcourse99

    Handling Sexually Mature Animals

    I'm mostly interested in hearing about stallions for this question, however I am also curious about all the other animals as well, male or female. So I open this question to everyone about all animals and their experiences with them. Please feel free to be as detailed and long winded as you need...
  19. marelover999

    24M south Ontario femboy looking to chat❤️

    Hey everyone been around for a bit, but I’m going to be more active now. I’m from south Ontario and looove mares but especially stallions if anyone’s near id love to chat and hopefully I’d like to be a regular and give him bjs❤️ If u want to know anything post it and I’ll answer it!!!
  20. Centaurluv

    Dark Fantasies UK Horsetoy Review

    Hey guys! i'm very new to this forum but i recently bought a horse sextoy from Dark Fantasies UK and i just HAVE to share this with you. TL;DR 4/5 stars, minor things that they can easily improve upon. and from what tgeir GREAT customer service tells me, they are already doing. 1. Size Oh my...
  21. HorseLoverPerv

    23M Obsessed with horse ass

    Hello everyone. I’ve been here a while but never made on of these. I’ve completely obsessed with big, thick horse asses and their donuts. Male or female. So exciting. I want to make a telegram group so like minded people can chat there. Message me if you’re interested.
  22. Obs3cur

    How is fake horse cum done in commercial porn?

    I was wondering because after I made this forum post I got a response of a vid with real horse cum being more liquidy and clear like. So my question is how are those yogurty thick horse cum shots made? Because in some videos it looks like the horse is actually cumming that thick yogurt, so it...
  23. Obs3cur

    Is this real Horse Semen?

    Hey yall I was reading the other posts about how a lot of cum shots in commercial porn are faked, specifically horses where the cum is too yogurty or thick? But is this one real? Because you can kind of see another “pump” of cum, which leads me believe that its real because how could you fake...
  24. huskylover23

    New to the site

    Hey everyone new to the site but have been into zoo for as long as I can remember, 23 gay Male living in soca looking to make new friends and more if the opportunity arises, can’t wait to chat and make new friends
  25. M

    My kinky soul mate.

    Hi everyone, i hope this is posted in the right section, apolagies if not. I am a 41 year old woman in Kent England. My first encounter with a dog happened when i was young, i stayed at my cousins one night and he had a little dog, i slept on the floor and the dog came up to me in the middle of...
  26. jumba

    Where do you (active or not) hang with your pets outside the house?

    I'm curious: where in the world are we? What do we do outside with our furry companions? I'm always curious to know where I might have passed like minded people and never had the courage to strike up a conversation. Without a dog myself, I don't get out for daily walks, but more than once I've...
  27. S

    Питер парень 21 год ищет кобеля или жеребца

    Мне 21 год Рост 176 Вес 59 Опыт с кобелём был небольшой, но хочу воплотить мечту и чтобы меня трахнули как следуют
  28. I

    I only get more curious? And desires build up.

    I live in Iceland, in a cabin out in the country. Behind my cabin is a fence with 4 mares, every day I go and give them carrots and hay and of course pet them a little. But every day I want to move more and more towards their vulvas. I see them when they rase their tails, I see a their...
  29. D

    New to the site but not the lifestyle

    Hello from nebraska Let me say I have experienced a sow and lab knotting since the age of 13 and love the feeling it both give and takes. I would love some new experiences with a horse and or a boar someday. Till then I'll be searching
  30. H

    Tips for pleasuring my gelding

    I have a gelding and we love each other very much. He's a retired riding horse, nearing 25 years old. I've only known him for a couple months but we've already formed an unbreakable bond and I want to do something nice for him. No matter what I try, I can't seem to get him to drop and maintain...