1. sandypaws

    FTM here, very new. Age is 18-22

    I am honestly very hesitant to be here, not sure what I am looking for, but hoping to get involved in the community somewhat, and meet more trans folk too. <3 I am a closet furry as well. I am very attracted to pigs for the most part, as well as horses and dogs. I’ve never engaged or practiced...
  2. incubusyiff

    I found this video when it was new a long time ago, it gots me wondering though although most American furries hate us what about Mexican furries?

    I also recall that there is some kind of bar event where bestiality is a live event in Mexico, I forgot what it was called since last time I referenced it but it kind of puts things in perspective, I wonder if it has anything to do with the ban on bestiality in the U.S., I seriously seriously...
  3. T

    Murrsuit telegram group

    Hey zoos, I have a telegram channel focused on Murrsuit zoophile porn. I've noticed that there's a lack of it on this site and others, so I started a group! Message me if your interested and I'll add you to the group.
  4. A

    new lurker here just curious about it

    Just a new lurker intruducing my self. Curious about it, looking to get a better sense of the community. Never done anything and don't feel like it, but i get horny for furry gay porn and for vids of guys getting fucked by knotts. I like to play furry games (bara/yaoi). Still feel guilty for...
  5. isubmitforknots

    23 trans girl, USA

    Hi all! Im a 23 yr old trans girl from the USA whos just checking stuff out! I am interested in zoo/beast PURELY AS FANTASY (plz do not invite me to engage in an irl experience), but in terms of fantasy i fucking love it. I prefer knots/canines to anything else, but im always willing to try...
  6. zooey4life

    NI gender fluid zoocurious

    Greetings I am a new person to zooville and curious about zoophilia, zoosexuality, beastiality however people want to define it as it’s different for everyone I am from Northern Ireland, I am 24 and I am curious yet inexperienced. I identify as gender fluid and go by they/them pronouns and...
  7. DoggyFemboy

    Lil intro ig!

    Heya! I guess you can call me Paprika here since i dont wanna give out my real name and i like Paprika as a name :3 Im currently a nsfw creator on twitter (no i wont give it out for safety) but i was dying to express my love(and lust ofc) for animals somewhere safely without being banned etc...
  8. Kondama

    29M USA, Zoo and Furry | Hi everyone! <3

    Hi, I'm Kondama the blackbuck! I'm a guy from somewhere in the US with a great love for animals. I've been a zoo and a furry for over a decade now, yet I have not interacted with either community often. I'd like to change that and get to know people :) I consider myself bisexual but I have a...
  9. Redfurry

    Looking for furry friends

    I’m new around here, I’ve been a furry for like 3 years and I wanted to get more furry friends that like zoo just like me So if you wanna talk just reply ^W^
  10. Red Zoo

    Where do you think people usually cross the line between zoo and furry? (and vice versa)

    How many people do you think that are zoo but are not into furrys, or furrys that are not into zoo? This is something i have always wondered. I have seen plenty of furrys that liked beastiality hentai but were not into bestiality itself, and some people that were into bestiality but not into...
  11. ζoo's toon'z

    introduction post

    hello! i go by he/they and i'm a zoo exclusive cartoonist you can call me as toon or mick, i really don't mind activist and advocate for zoosexuality furry and stoner i mainly vibe and play video games lmao therian and fictionkin left wing anarchist punk autistic and generally quiet that's all...
  12. R

    26 M hoping to explore

    Wisconsin furry with a partial fursuit. Been a zoo and a furry since I was a teen but haven't ever done anything with it and never really found any community for it. Would like to do more but for now just hoping to meet new people of a like mind.
  13. Rose_Villa

    For furries, who’s your favorite suit maker?

    Mines either DHC or DexterousZombie, but I also rlly like Alecrim carmim, Morefurless is cool too tho.
  14. CD_Lucy_Goose

    A big furry hello from a Sissy Bear

    I'm Lucy an unconvincing cross-dresser (although outfits and accessories can work wonders) who lives in Camberwell, London and loves doggies :love: Despite lots of fun experimenting when I was younger its taken me too long to accept this part of me and open up, so I'm very pleased to be doing...
  15. plazmastorm

    Death Grips thread!

    Anyone else listen to death grips? :3c
  16. Honk14

    Fursuit zoos?

    Is there any zoo that wear fursuits I'd like to meet some furries ^^
  17. rainbowzluzhy

    New me new introduction

    I've been dead here until recently and I've changed a lot since the past, I know I started some shit on here but for the time being I'm staying away from the dumpster fire since there's a lot of transphobia and stuff ☠️☠️☠️ So hello: I'm a cartoonist and a furry, I go by any pronouns and I'm a...
  18. dharius

    Hello my first time here

    Hi, this is my first post, I'm not sure if this will work, but I wanna to become a furr 😇. first of all, i come here for porn, but I think that doesn't matter right? How ever, how do I star? Feel free to dm me please, thank u 🤗
  19. B

    Sex while being a furry

    I completely understand that the two can be connected but are not. However theres nothing wrong with being attracted to the touch and look of fur. But being extremely new to the group I wanted some input to avoid embarassment on my behalf, if you'd be so kind. - Men wearing female fursuits and...
  20. R

    How many zoos are also furries

    Just wondering how much overlap there is in the communities. Where you a zoo or furry first?
  21. Djungelskog


    I figured I'd try and do a new intro now that I've gotten a good feel for the site. Been lurkin ever since joining for the most part, and finally feel like I wanna put myself out there to properly meet new people to actually connect with. I'm a bi guy lookin to get in touch with other zoos and...
  22. N

    Are you a furry?

    This poll is to see how many of yall are furries
  23. FurryDogLover

    Zoo murrsuit channel

    DM me your telegram handle and I'll add you to the group. Murrsuiters only
  24. TammyBi

    What was your first furry crush?

    I believe mine was Robin Hood from the Disney adaptation.
  25. foxfurry

    Female Zoo Furries

    Quite curious how many females within the furry community are lurking around here, as a straight male within the community I have to admit they are hard to find or usually come and go rather quickly. I find enjoyment talking with the like minds and I find girls easier to talk to personally.
  26. FloofDragon


    NVM Too many idiot hate here still, if i wanna get more depressed, i go to Reddit. i get the same hate faster.
  27. Nelev23

    Opened commissions - I'll draw anything!

    Hello friends! :D My name is Nelev and I am a furry illustrator from the US. I have recently opened my NSFW commissions (and SFW too, of course!). Here are some examples of my work, I hope you like them! You can ask me for a completely personalized commission, I work using Paypal. Don't hesitate...
  28. Skorpion-DX

    Would you like a relationship like this in real life?

    If it were possible that anthro animals existed, what animal would you choose as your life partner in a relationship?
  29. Opossum

    Post your furry/zoo memes here [No, I don't care if it has a watermark]

  30. E minor

    I wanna have some zoo friends

    Hello, I’m new in zoo-community (although I was zoo all time I live) and it would be nice if I had zoos in my circle of friends as reliable fellows and advisors I can trust. If you’re sexually attracted to animals with fur (fluffy breeds of canines, felines and other similar species) like I am...