dog anal

  1. lobozoo100

    How to please a male dog ?

    My dog is 1years 5 months old he humps my leg nowadays, i hold his dick and try to wank him to make him feel good, whenever he tries to hump me i instead open my pants and show him my ass so that he can fuck my ass, but he never shows any intrest in my ass hole. How can i please/train him to...
  2. D

    Diy dog lube

    What are some good diy anal lube recipes for anal dog sex?
  3. T

    Transwomen zoos

    Hi! does anyone know of any transwomen that have pics or videos ? the only stuff i have found is crossdressers.. anyways it would be nice to see some! if i had an ability to have a good boy dog with me i would share but alas never have :(
  4. mythicalcreations (animal sex dolls)

    Hey everybody :), I recently joined Zooville as a vendor (you have probably seen my ad on the forum). I sell animal sex dolls and just recently released the first dog sex doll. About me I have been a vendor on other forums for about 3 years. Where I also sold sex dolls. After a while I also...
  5. Partialpressure

    Does regular anal sex affect the appearance of the anus?

    I have a dog(girl), and she ok with anal, But she doesn't have a tail (it was removed when she was a puppy), and I wonder if I will have anal sex with her more often, will it be noticeable? Anyway, I'm just wondering if it's possible to identify a dog that gets fucked a lot. Since I was out for...
  6. VadiaNoCio

    Fun Day

    today after almost a month i'm finally at the family's place, i haven't been here for a day and my partners are already excited wanting to fuck me kkkk Today I am committed to satisfying both of you at least once ;3
  7. B

    Sex With Animals, Better Than Sex With Humans

    Hi everyone. I’m a 24 year old guy from Ohio. I originally experimented with dogs when I was 13. I had a female German Shepherd named Storm. I’m a gay man (and knew that I was gay and attracted to boys from a very young age) but something about the smell of her pussy and her musk always drove me...
  8. J

    Is doberman a good dog for zoo?

    Hi Everyone!! I am a zoo lover and I have practiced it and I gotta say I really love and enjoy having a dog lover. My question is, is Doberman a good dog to have and have it as a zoo lover? I really love those type of dogs and my goal is to be able to get him to fuck me. If anyone can advise on...
  9. A


    Salut Je viens de tomber sur ce forum Je suis en région paca possibilité de me déplacer même loin, j'aimerai trouver un ou des propriétaires pour me faire saillir par chien mâle, aimerai aussi premier contact avec chevaux ou ânes'
  10. SakuraVRC

    PM videos of you and your animals!

    I want to see more of what The Zoo community has too offer so send me your videos!
  11. TheoTheGermanShephard

    Double Penetration GSD w/horse-/wolfdildo

    Tomorrow I'm attempting to get double penetrated by my lovely GSD and a second Specimen of your choice ! 🥵 Both toys are medium sized and poured by Neotori (Mundir and Jorhan the stallion) You can find them on my profile if you search a bit. 😅 If you have other ideas write it down in the...
  12. D


    Knot how much time does it take according to your experience
  13. German_zoo25

    New love: Neotori Mundir

    I thought I might show off my guilty pleasure, or sad substitute. Whatever you want to call it. Had the medium one for a few months and Needed to step it one up. Love the feel and the knot (although I can't take the larger one all the way). Anyone else any experience with those bad boys?
  14. M


    What kind of dog would it be best to buy if I want to have sex with it (size, breed )? What kind of treatement will the dog need if I do it ? What kind of treatement I would need to do ? Sorry. I'm a first timer here and I just really don't know.
  15. 6

    horse fucking dog? Zoophilia

    Video of horse fucking dog? So far I've only seen two videos.
  16. Sissy4Dogs

    Looking for Zoo Friends In my Area

    Hello, I'm relatively new to this, I'm looking to make zoo friends in the South TN/North GA area, and I'm hoping to finally lose my anal virginity to a cute little doggie as well! ;) I'm a skinny cross dressing sissy slut. I've sucked 3 dog cocks and squirted in a bitch once, but I've never...
  17. Sissy4Dogs

    Advice on Finding an Owner for my First Time!

    Hello, I'm a 27 y/o sissy, and I've never gone all the way with a dog before, only ever sucked doggie cock on 3 different occasions! I'm looking for an owner near me to help me lose my doggie virginity! I'm very tight so a BIG dog is out of the question, but I've taken a few decent sized human...
  18. E minor

    Dog for the first time

    Hi, dear friends! I’m bisexual zoo guy and want to try sex with male dog (I’m bottom). Please, advise me what breed of dogs will be the best for my first anal zoosex? Additionally: I’m so in love with really big dogs, especially with alaskan malamutes?. I really want to be fucked in my ass by...
  19. thegreatbigfail

    Receiving Previously Mated Male K9

    Full disclosure: this question isn't for me, but for a friend of mine. As a result, I may not be describing the situation perfectly. I've never met the dog in-question and am trusting what I've been told. I'm also not a zoophile myself and am mostly on this forum for curiosity rather than sexual...
  20. Dickmilking

    Edmonton Alberta K9

    Looking to find other men who are into and have male K9 for play . I am wanting to be the bitch for our 4 legged friends Admins delete if not allowed I am new here
  21. Z

    Anal sex with dogs

    This is a thread for general discussion about anal sex with dogs (both giving and receiving). I searched for a thread like this, but couldn't find it. (There's already a thread about anal with animals in general, but that thread is about all non-human animal species: dogs, horses, cows, sheep...
  22. Z

    Anal sex with dogs (giving, not receiving)

    One of the pinned topics in the How-To section (before the security breach) was about anal with dogs (i.e. a human putting his penis into a dog's anus). Now that pinned topic is gone. Does anyone have a backup of it, and if they do, can they re-post it? Edit: now that the archive is up, here is...