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Anal sex with dogs (giving, not receiving)


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One of the pinned topics in the How-To section (before the security breach) was about anal with dogs (i.e. a human putting his penis into a dog's anus). Now that pinned topic is gone. Does anyone have a backup of it, and if they do, can they re-post it?

Edit: now that the archive is up, here is one of the lost sticky threads (from the old Zooville) -- the title is "A guide to anally penetrating a male dog":

WildMountainWolf: "Hi all! I just got done messaging a user about tips for playing anally with a male dog and after I thought it would be a good topic to share some insight to my process since I've studied animal sexuality for about 11+ years now ;3.

So for my first tip is that you necessarily need a unaltered female dog as it'll bring out the most sexual behavior of a male dog when she's in heat (I have tips for turning females into cock sluts and canine lesbians also but that's a different lesson lol ) when the time he hits puberty and starts to chomp his lips when he sniffs a swollen pussy and tries to mount that's your cue to start training him your way of sexual play. Of course you'll keep the female from getting fucked via a dog diaper (I recommend re-washable, much more use and they don't honestly get the thoroughly used that often) or kenneling or putting her in another room if you trust her.

For the anal play itself you'll want to start gently fingering him initially off and on throughout the day and reward with massaging behind his knot area as it'll elicit to to hump and swell (just a tease unless your intent to use his cock) after a day of doing that you'll want a long dildo (I use a 14" one on my boy ;3 (NOTE: not all dogs have the same tolerances. listen to what they say.)) and use it to clean him out initially by getting him used to being in the tub first. Once he is you'll then want to finger him a good bit (If you don't use gloves just trim your nails down good) and continue more and more, going slowly and listening to him if hes uncomfortable with it, and stop if he is. then once hes calmed down a bit reward him with a cock massage tease and repeat the process till you can get him stretched out as large as your cock is. once hes nice and loose and he can handle it, start using the dildo to "swab" him out (best method of this is having them not eat for a complete 24 hours and giving them plenty of opportunities to use the bathrooms. recommended that you only do this twice a week maxim with this method to keep their diet in order and feed him and extra cup after play.) simply knock off any matter into a freshly cleaned toilet, rinsing it off in medium hot to hot water to rinse off any excess matter. repeat this process while keeping the dildo nice and lubed at all times and of course during fingering (I recommend water based jelly lubes as they work best when mixed with water) keep this up until there is no more matter. After that simply clean him up and hes ready to get bred by his Master ;3 (I recommend using a flex hose shower head, easier to clean the dogs with)

this method might be a little messy but I'm always picky of having the cleanest and funnest experience I can with my pup that I could lick my cum out of his freshly bred hole (and I do ;3 ) again I cannot stress enough that you have to listen to what your dog says to you during the play as you could possibly break him mentally. Just be gentle throughout the process and he wont mind it a bit. Trust me, dogs can be just as a big a faggots as we are (and even horses, but again, that's another lesson ;3)"

The following was also said in that thread:

WildMountainWolf: "And here's some anatomy [see the attached images] that has helped me immensly on learning about anal with k9 and as you can tell they're much more capable of handling something deep in their ass than humans are (course with some work we can to ;P ) still don't forget to listen to them when its too much because even then things can only go so far lol "

btwiamazoophile: "I will add to this and say that the ideal time for many dogs to experience anal play tends to be in the evening after they have had their last bowel movement of the night. I have found in my experiences that dogs are often very clean, and much rather insertions when they do not have a pending bowel movement. This also means that rather than introducing your dog to a new and foreign thing in a place that dogs often don't like, you can do it somewhere that is much more comfortable for them such as on your bed, with a towel laid out to catch any remaining secretions.

Rather than jumping directly to fingering a dog it should be taken far slower, first by incorporating petting around their tailhole into your normal array of petting as casual engagement, slowly working toward actually focusing on the area with rubbing and then moving on to fingering at a slow pace. Some dogs come around to it faster than others.This is an activity that can take weeks or even months for a dog before they become comfortable with larger insertions such as toys and penises, and it is imperative to note that some dogs may never like anal play. I have found through my own experience and discussion with others that neutered dogs tend to be more open to the concept of anal play, likely due to the lack of testosterone.

Dogs are certainly able to handle a degree of depth which the diagram above shows, but it is also important to take into consideration the girth of your penis or whatever toys you decide to use. Although they have a straighter colon than humans it is often narrower and as such, using toys that are girthy as well as long can cause a lot of discomfort to animals as it can stretch a lot of their digestive tract at once."

WildMountainWolf: "yes and this all comes from raising them from puppy hood as well with my personal experience, desensitizing them with general touch first and upon sexual readiness you continue to incorporate this behavior with fingering followed by toy and cock play. The longer they grow up with you, the easier and more willing they'll be to learn about anal play. Strays and adopted dogs I don't even consider or even own for that matter (unless they're hung and intact and I wanna suck on their cock a little :p~ ) because with those you get random results and no guarantees."

Gagozoo: "Dude , please post or send me on private the Tips you have into turning a female into a cock slut... ?? "

IHO: "I have tips for turning females into cock sluts"... I would like to see this as well. I've never had any trouble with willing partners, but I haven't had a lot of them and always welcome learning from others' experiences."
Another lost thread (on the old Zooville) was called "K9 Anal, How to guide on anal penetration" -- this is what was said in that thread:

dogluver101: "This guide is for those whom have questions on the anal penetration of K9's.

A couple of key points that will be emphasized as well:

2. It takes time and patience
3. If your dog doesn't like being anally rubbed or touched, don't do it.
4. A rule of thumb is NO dog under 40 or 45 pounds in weight
5. With female dogs, Never go from the Anus to the Vulva without washing yourself very well

In my experience, both Male and Female dogs enjoy anal sex. There have been a small percentage of dogs that will not tolerate even touching under the tail.

As with anything else, it takes time and patience to work up to penetrating your dog anally. Start off with light touching under the tail and watch the dogs reaction.


If your dog is OK with touching, be slow. Touch your dog once or a few times a day with light rubbing or just holding against the anal area lightly. Be Slow. Do this for a few weeks and if he or she is still OK with it, with plenty of lubrication ( Water or water based lubricants, KY makes for an excellent source ), lubricate your finger and his or her anus very well and slowly attempt penetration by pushing your finger against and into the anus. Once again, if the dog is in discomfort or doesn't like it in any way - STOP and leave it be.

Continue with the well lubricated finger for a few weeks and work up to two fingers after a few weeks slowly. Then if two well lubricated fingers ( about the width of an average sized human penis ) is OK and the dog doesn't mind, try to insert yourself.

Inserting yourself can be done with the dog on his or her back looking up at you, or by mounting the dog and gently holding on. If your dog is OK with anal penetration, he or she will let you inside easily. If not - leave it alone

Always use Way more lubrication, if you think you have enough on the dog and yourself, use more

While playing with your dog, use lots of praise and love. They are your companion and after your done, don't just walk away - spend lots of time being close with them.

It is OK to penetrate fully and go without a condom, however if its not your dog or your not completely sure the dog does not have worms - use a condom.

Male dog tips:

Getting your male off first and then penetrating while he is cumming as well feels very good. The pulsations of his anus are from his prostate.

Rub him too while you're inside

Female dog tips:

go directly from her Anus to her Vulva. If you want to do both, wash yourself very well before even getting near her vulva area.

I would highly advise against trying with breeds smaller than a Lab or less then 40 or 45 pounds

If your dog doesn't like anal play, don't force it and move onto something else - there are always more things to do."
The following was also said in that thread:

dogluver: "What is the best position to start with for penetration -- doggy, missionary, or laying on his side?

superman: "In my opinion, I believe that missionary is easier for myself and the dog. If your dog is uncomfortable in that position, I'd recommend laying him on his side."

1slyfox: "Some very good advice there dogluver101.

Another thing to note is that some dogs may not like it because they have trouble expressing their anal glands. This problem can lead to the glands becoming overly large, sore, infected , or even rupturing. By simply expressing their glands every so often (or before play), you'll have a happier, healthier, and possibly a more repetitive companion."

Zebedee: "Enjoy the smell

CuriousAnne: "The no going from anal to vaginal is pretty important for girls of all species, hence one thing I’ve learned with myself is just using condoms, just pull it off and carry on or (in my case with humans) put on a new one. I know condoms are less necessity with dogs but could be handy from a practical convenience perspective"

dogluver: "So in preparation to anal what are your thoughts on giving a dog an enema prior to anal sex?"

Ryson: "In terms of dog breeds would it be safe [to have anal sex] with a full grown male English bulldog? He is also neutered if that means anything."

Kuvaszhumper: "On a regular basis, no, don't [give a dog an enema].

Occasionally, yes, like once or twice a month for example, especially during summer months as the added hydration will be beneficial. ONLY use PLAIN WARM WATER. NEVER USE STORE BOUGHT COMMERCIALLY PREPARED ENEMAS.
Distilled water is best, but ordinary tap water will work."

No they [English bulldogs] are too small."
The following is a quote from the old Zooville (from a thread called "Giving anal to [a] male dog"), about how a man can put his penis into a male dog's anus (contains responses from three users):

quintquint: "What do you think - giving anal to male dog gives him pleasure and does he enjoy it? How your dog react for barebacking him? Does he gives you some signs that he like being banged in ass? How do you prepare your lover for cock [cumming] inside his ass? Massage + lube?

Zoo50: "I remember reading on Beast Forum that it stimulates a male dog's prostate, which gives him pleasure. I also remember reading that male dogs enjoy it -- but every dog is different, and some might not like it."

Rasuran: "I think like all animals and humans, it comes down to how they're introduced to it. If you take time training them with fingering their rear while you play with their cock first (maybe giving their ass a rim job too), they will eventually grow to like anal play, point it making sure you take your time with only one finger at a time till they can handle the bigger size of your cock. Most dogs will be very good at giving signals if they like what you're doing or want it to stop. Best advice i can give is when you first start, make sure he's always hard. Male dogs are always way more receptive to anal play if their cock is already out (plus if you can eventually fuck their ass while theyre hard their tailhole will flex while they come and it feels amazing). All i can say is just take your time and use lots of lube even if you use a condom or rim him first."
(Attached images are the images WildMountainWolf provided)

(Note that all of the quotes above can only be read in their entirety if one's scripts are turned on in one's Internet browser. If the scripts are turned off, one can't read the entire quotes.)


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Also, below is a quote about having anal sex with female dogs:

"Some bitches (female dogs) will let you do them anally. If this is the case never ever insert the penis (or finger, dildo, etc.) into the vagina after it has been in the anus. This can cause infections to include bladder and vaginal infections.

Remember that canines have anal glands. These can be released when fearful. The insertion of the penis or finger may also cause the release of the glands. Stimulating the anus in any way can eventually cause the release of the anal glands. In personal experience I fondled my bitch's [anal] sphincter along the outside and rimmed her with my fingers lightly, just teasing her, never penetrating and it caused her to express her glands.

The other thing is you want to be careful to not damage the glands. Most of the mess from anal intercourse with dogs is the anal glands which are quite potent smelling. Make sure before you give your lover a wanted anal session you sniff her out and make sure she smells healthy. If there is an unusual scent, or an infection scent take her to the vet. Anal glands can get impacted and infected, the vet can relieve this.

Scooting is often a sign of anal gland impaction and should be brought to the notice of the vet. Often a higher fiber diet is in order. Libbys’ canned pumpkin, one tablespoon a day will often keep her regular and help prevent anal gland impaction, but will not release already impacted glands. Some breeds are more prone to infection than others."
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Before the old Zooville archive disappeared, I managed to obtain several lost anal threads (about human penis in a dog's anus).

This is one of them: the quote below is the contents of a lost thread called "K9 anal" (June 17, 2019) -- it was in the old Zooville's How-To section:

dogluver: "I was wondering what people do to prep their dog for anal? My male is showing interest and I was wondering the "cleanest" Way to go about this. I've herd enemas work? Just wondering what you do."

Wolflover45: "be sure to loosen him up with your fingers enough first! and there's nothing wrong with using a condom! have fun you two, and send updates!"

dogluver: "So right now I can finger him with 2 fingers 3 is tight. What I want to work towards is I want to fully penetrate him and while I do I want to blow him simultaneously."

ShepherdDogLover: "Well fucking and blowing might be difficult, not sure how bendable you are and what dog do you have. If you can insert 3 fingers in him then, if your cock is not that thick, you should be able to deflower him. Bzr you gotta be lubed well and start slow. Don't go to deep and get him used to the trusts."

Dogluver: "Well that's the thing once I take my fingers out he tightens up and I can't penetrate him but as soon as I get a finger in he loosens up any tips as to how to transition from fingering to fucking without him doing this?"

Cassius: "Rest the tip [of your fingers] against his anus with GENTLE pressure. Eventually the natural reflex you're experiencing when you're removing your fingers will subside. Another way is to get him to orgasm and as he spasms to pump his semen, ride the contractions in."

Zoo50: "Putting two lubricated fingers into his anus, and then immediately putting in your lubricated penis might work. Remember to go slow and let the dog get used to your penis."

Cassius: "Clean and anal....yeah I've never understood that dichotomy. Especially with a dog. Your cock is going to come out fragrant one way or another when you stimulate his anal glands.

See above for making him comfortable the first time. All good tips and more lube is better until he becomes accustom to it."

fuckboot: "I'm hard just reading about this, must feel great for both man and dog."

Rasuran: "All the above advice is valid. Hope it all works out!! Maybe you can post some pics or vids or the results once you two have played a few times ^^"
Again, the entire quotes in these posts can only be read when the scripts on one's Internet browser are turned on.

Below is another lost thread -- the thread was called "When it all just clicked (First time in a dog's ass)" (started September 9, 2019) -- it was in the old Zooville's Bestiality Fetish section:

Natsu44: "I've always been attracted to animals. And I loved them like I would a boyfriend. But it felt like it was missing something. I've dated humans before but I never really felt much with them. I was attracted to some but it just never felt right. Well one day while I was cuddling my dog. He just put his ass in my face. Ussally I saw that as a joke he would ussally do but he seemed to get super close to my lips. Didn't help I always got a boner when I seen his ass. When his brown ass was so close to my face I was just so horny. So I leaned in for a lick.Then I started making out with his ass. I got so into, 20 minutes passed, I was so rock hard from it. All I could think about was trying to see if he would let me fuck him. So I ran to my room and got my lube. And put my tip to his ass. It slid around alittle. But just from that was the best ass I've felt so far. And I havnt even went inside of him yet. It was so soft, nothing like a human butt. But then I slid in and it felt like I found what I was looking for. Fireworks were going off in my head. Not only did I love my dog. But I now formed a sexual relationship with him. When I finally slid all the way inside him. It just felt right. I've never felt this way with people. Especially during sex. The texture and the heat difference blew my mind. I started to jack him off and I felt him squeeze me. I came so fast inside of him. I just layed there still inside of him. Just petting him. I eventually shrank and slid out of him. But that was my first sexual exsperence with my German Shepard.

My question is. Has anyone ever felt like this? Where everything just clicked and you finally realize what and who you are? That's when I finally accepted that I'm a zoo. And that I love animals. Funny that it happened when I was fucking my dogs ass. I used to hate myself for even thinking about my dogs ass and being attracted to him. But when I let down my guard and worries everything just made sense."

dogfun101: "Im with you all the way man, acceptance and good dog ass is king."

Totalitarian: "I’d say this is a very common experience for most people. I felt this way my first time with a dog. Just make sure to treat that good boy like a king."

Natsu44: "Oh I definitely did. I spoiled him. He was a good dog."

dangerdoomy: "I know the feeling. I used to fuck my mom's dog up the ass. He was a good boy. I loved him. I would always reward hm with a good cock sucking..."

Natsu44: "It's the best feeling. And I used to do the same. He loved blow jobs. But usually I would give him one first, rim a little while holding his knot, then get in [his] booty"
Another lost thread was called "Something You'd Love To Do?" -- it was started on July 1, 2019 in the old Zooville's zoophilia section. DarkForest said the following in that thread:

DarkForest: "Anal is amaaaaazing. I barely lasted 30 seconds as soon as I got inside that handsome lab's ass."