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  1. Zaruxin

    Sexual Animal Dream

    I've had a few sexual dreams about animals and I'm curious about how many others get to have this dream experience! 🤔 I just wish they lasted a bit longer 💕 If you want to share your dream story please do, or if there's something already exciting on here you want to share, guide us to the tread 😊
  2. F

    New! Hello to all!

    So, let me start off by saying that I’m new to this site, as you can see by the header lol. A little bit about myself, I’m a male, 33 years old, living in the United States. I’ve had a beastiality fetish for as long as I can remember. Everytime I masturbate, it’s usually to beastiality videos. I...
  3. isi

    Would you give me an opportunity?

    Hello. Some time ago I realized that the idea of having sex with animals turns me on. My grandparents have always had farm animals. Cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, and goats and dogs. Since I was a child I started enjoying myself while touching cows' tits. That stayed there until I became more...
  4. pes

    Fake animal rescue

    I recently found this on youtube: The video is censored and does not show explicit content. Basically some people in apparently Vietnam fake rescue animals and make money on youtube. They use the same animals in many videos on many channels and put them in life threatening situations and...
  5. FloofyNewfie

    Write a love poem about your animal partners!

    So, I was joking around in another thread and wrote a love poem about my dog. I actually ended up really liking what I wrote because it had a lot of meaning to me. Here's my love poem, (with a few tweaks) "My newfie is truly great. It's love, always love, and never hate. This is not a debate...
  6. FloofyNewfie

    Problems that are uniquely zoo.

    So, about a week ago I was combing and wiping some cum out of my girls fur, which had leaked out of her vagina and had gotten in her long butt/leg fluff. As I was cleaning her, it came to mind that only a zoophile... Only a zoophile, would ever be in a situation where they are cleaning their own...
  7. FloofyNewfie

    Views on Hunting?

    So I know of at least one zoophile who likes to hunt for food and not for sport, such as deer for food. I myself don't have anything against hunting, but I could never bring myself to do it. I just can't, with my own two hands, bring myself to take the life of another animal even for...
  8. newdist

    What's your favorite zoo activity?

    Animal gender and activity! Mine is letting a male dogs give me a rim job. I hang out naked a lot so it is nice to watch a movie or something while my dog just eats my ass. Such a good feeling! Of course I'm usually open for more if it comes to that ;)
  9. daijm

    Fantasy/wish about another animal

    Hello my friends :):) Often if im with my doggy and he jumpes on me and we do what we do you know ;);) i have the wish to get fucked by another animal doesent matter wich one.... sometimes i have the fantasy about a insect like a snake or something that goes in my pussy while i get rammed in...
  10. S

    Medias y zoofilia

    me encantan las mujeres que usan medias, en especial que estén descalzas, sobre todo cuando lo hacen con un animal. Les dejo en este post unos videos de mujeres, medias y perros.