What are your companions' favourite activities?

My buddies favorite activities are eating and chasing my cats. He’s still young and he likes to explore everything with his mouth even if it’s not edible. As for the cats he tries to play with them but he’s so much bigger then them so it always end up in him and the cats running throughout my house.worse part is that they make the biggest messes I’ve ever seen.
My shep boy just absolutely loves to lay on the couch on top of me and snuggle all day. I’ve never had a dog that wanted to cuddle as much as he does. And when I have people over he wants to be snuggled up on their lap too! And being a king shep he’s not exactly small or light but he thinks he is!
Getting to go sniff everything on long walks in the woods and any type of rubber squeak toy. He gets so excited for them he legit does a happy dance the moment he gets it in his mouth. It's so adorable.
Well, Being that my companions are my 2 room mates and our dog.
One room mate is at his computer reading Gay Male Porn stories.
The other is laughing and giving treats to our dog, He's usually at his computer playing solitaire.
What an Exciting Life I lead 🤣
Mine likes to cuddle here and there. She also likes to play fetch and tug of war but she doesn’t like any toys that squeak I don’t know why but it makes her anxious.
Well my Nesta she likes to go for walks and play ball hands down 😅 and my boy Zeus he loves loves loves loves loves to run and play with Nesta like all day if he had the energy iv seen it 😅🤣...this is all they do and have loved to do since we all first meet about 10 years now wjile i workon a Herbal farm a ran all me self 🥰.. thats there son in the middle he's my mom and dad's I gave them when they made puppies 🐶 😍 a few years ago

Being a young lab, she’s all about being outdoors. Everything from playing in the snow to rolling in nasty shit she somehow always seems to find. Fetch, snuggling, and giving me shit also rate highly on her list of favorite things to do. 😉
My dog absolutely loves looking for female dogs. :D The worst part of the year is the heat season since he becomes obsessed by sniffing out females and completely forgets any training. On the other hand his second favorite activity is sex which is especially juicy at these times. :p
Then the regular dog stuff, playing, fighting down to his least favorite ear cleaning. :D Which I might never manage to train him to withstand. Luckily he does not need that much.
I feel this! My boy just had to endure 3 bitches in heat within the same house. lol He's a dutch malinois mix so he had to stay in an alcatraz kennel while I was at work. Trying to do any training let alone nose-work during this time just ends in failure. :ROFLMAO: His favorite activity is bitework especually when i'm the one in the suit. He knows he can go extra hard on his dad when he sees the sleeve come out.
Go for a walk in a wooded field and make the pigeons fly that were looking for food on the ground. Then come lie down next to me and take a nap.