Lesbian and Dog Lover?


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it's not possible by definition. how is someone a lesbian if a male is involved during sex? same goes for gay male having sex with a female animal, how are you gay if you are having intercourse with a female? using "it doesn't count, because animal" or putting animal sex to entirely different "category of sex" sounds all kinds of offensive... as if they weren't equal partners because of their different species.

with that said, do some labels really matter?

idk what to name myself

Sexuality is a spectrum and labels are made up.

You can call yourself whatever frankly. If I was in your situation you could call yourself a lesbian for humans and straight(or bi.) with animals/canine.

Sexuality is complicated. Do what you want :) (within reason.)
I'm into the physchology behind of preferences rather than labels:) There maybe circumstances causing people to choose different ways in relation of humans, maybe..

If i choose to be a gay, i am thinking can i be with a female animal, i am not sure. But if there are people, let's say he is gay 100% and has interest in relation with female dog or horse etc. nothing to add of course, just curious how it works behind :)


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I identified as straight for years but I fooled around with studs. If I could have discussed it I would have and maybe I wouldn’t have identified as straight. But alas.