1. zoofeelya

    ¿Question for the fems? ¿Reason why are you on this site? :3

    Basically just curious why everyone is here? I know the ultimate reason, but what is everyone looking for? Me? Ultimately, I would love to find or connect with another owner and/or play partner. Perhaps even find a girlfriend, but I know that is a perfect dream. I know for some it's just a...
  2. A

    lesbian zoo gf </3

    i think about it all the time. having a girlfriend and a girl pup we share together. my gf obsessed with eating pussy and dog cookie, taking turns fucking us open with toys and her strap!! i wanna make out with her while she spreads my pussy open for our sweet girl to lick me deep. maybe even...
  3. felinpanthera

    Girls with female dog companions?

    i’m curious, how many people here are women with a female dog companion? and do you do things for her as well? i’ve been looking around for porn of this, but all of it is just their dog licking them. i don’t think that’s bad but it makes me sad i rarely see the girl dog being touched back! if...
  4. benjaminwonders

    Lesbian and Dog Lover?

    Is it possible to be lesbian but having sex with male dogs? Is there any example of this 🤪?