girl and dog

  1. Lanny_99

    Just a question (for the girls)

    I hope I'm not the only one who thinks so... But that's ok! Let me talk about what's going on... I've been getting into a new habit of collecting my dog's sperm and putting it in my meals, I admit it's been making me a lot more excited lately... I even went so far as to put it in a small...
  2. Beib12345

    Heey everyone 24F 🆕

    Heeey, I just wanted to introduce myself despite being on this site for 1 year!😅 I am 24 years old and I am a girl, curious to discover this world, I always like to learn new things and listen to the experiences of others. I like dogs and I have a male Rottweiler😘 I hope you can help me and...
  3. N

    Need help getting my dog to lick me

    I really wanna get started with having my girl lick me (I’m afab) and idk how to go about it i was able to get my old dog to do it but he was already a peppy fellow so he did it right away edit: my dog has shown interest before constantply putting her face in my crotch and humping me quite a bit...
  4. H

    what aged did you get a knotted?

    I want to know what age did you guys get a zoo by dog?
  5. benjaminwonders

    Lesbian and Dog Lover?

    Is it possible to be lesbian but having sex with male dogs? Is there any example of this 🤪?
  6. benjaminwonders

    Is there a wide range of research and statistics?

    Hi, i wonder the physchology behind bestiality so want to get more info and statistics. For example who are more into it, girls or boys? How about veterinarians? You think what is the percentage of them being into? You think all girls who have dog(s) do something certainly? Let's dig this topic :)
  7. benjaminwonders

    Looking for friendships :)

    Hi, I'm Benjamin, 37 years old from Europe, i am new here and looking for friendships with girls who are into bestiality:)