Favorite breed of dog


Zooville Settler
Border Collie
Regardless of breeds, my type of dog are the wolfy ones, looking like Huskies, Malamutes.. but.. something is going on with BCs... the eyes? Their coat is too long for me (hides the nice stuff), but I'm caught in a spell or something ???
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I love most of the bigger breeds. My favorite breed of all keeps changing all the time. But mostly it is american akita, bernese mountain dog and giant schnautzer


Dobermanns are beautiful
Hi I had 2 Doberman both bitches many years ago love them to bits but only ever got down with the 2nd 1. Never tried to make love to her as didnt know what to do etc but did do anal. Just wanted to know if you can make love to them properly & I dont see many pics of vids of them being breed.


hmm any breed willing to breed me, I'm a good bitch can't be picky lol. I guess in terms of looks I'm partial to huskies and german shepherds.


Zooville Settler
You will, if you put your mind to it, and make it an ultimate goal. I had to complete college, and find a good job, then buy a house. Before I got where I am today. IDK how old you are but I'm only 24, it wasn't easy I'll tell you that. I wish you luck on getting a doggie companion, good sir.
I'm in a similar boat now. 22 years old, recently finished my undergrad, saving up for my master's now then hoping to find a just b which will allow me to work from home often so that I can look after a beautiful pup! Can't decide which pup yet though... Maybe a gsd, maybe a husky, maybe a retriever I want them all hahahah