Dreaming of a master



I know I’ve read a few of these before but I wanted to ask if anyone has any notes on this experience. It is a massive dream of mine to live as the lowest member in the home. Cooks, cleans and keeps everything right but I’m not only the masters bitch, but even more so his/her dogs, taking care of my alphas needs before anything else. I spend a lot of time thinking about it and as much as I try to keep this down it always comes back up again when I’m too wound up . Any way anyone have any advice or stories :3?
From a practical point of view this is a stupid idea. But I guess if you can not do the thinking yourself and need someone to dictate everything you can or can not do, there is no hope for you. :D
Lol was more up for the enjoyment of it all but I appreciate the blunt honesty I suppose 😅