1. Looking4beastie

    Would you top or bottom for your companion?

    top, bottom, or both?
  2. S

    Hiiiiii Im new

    Hi im new here just discoved this site gotta say im in love on so many levels. I want to be a beast bitch dogs horses donkeys etc. Ntw heres my all dressed up
  3. F

    Femboy/twink in West Mids UK

    So, I been here a while Just thought I'd say Hi Im a 29yr old Femboy/twink Im into males and not had any zoo experience (yet XD) I love gaming, anime and gym.. Come say hi if you wanna talk.
  4. K

    New here

    Hi all 33yo male twink here from NY, looking for my first experience. Any locals looking to chat
  5. F

    Dreaming of a master

    I know I’ve read a few of these before but I wanted to ask if anyone has any notes on this experience. It is a massive dream of mine to live as the lowest member in the home. Cooks, cleans and keeps everything right but I’m not only the masters bitch, but even more so his/her dogs, taking care...
  6. CDAmber17

    27 y/o Sissy/CD looking for like minded individuals and friends!

    Hey! Finally decided to stop lurking and actually start posting! From the South Jersey/Philly area. Been interested in Zoo type material for a few years now, and looking for friends and others to talk about fantasies and swap stories and such! Mostly interested in dogs, but have been curious...