1. H

    What are some weird kinks that you like?

    I’m curious as I definitely have some more…odd kinks even within the zoo/beast community. For starters, I’d love to someday suck on the udders of a cow and taste their milk (hence my username). Secondly, I would love for a dog to drool on my neck while he has sex with me. Lastly, I’d love to...
  2. 7

    New M member from NV

    Hello all. New member that has been into bestiality for years. Just on here to meet people who share the same fetishes and fantasies. Have not had any experience yet but u never know I may give it a try. I deeply enjoy watching videos of females getting licked and dicked by a canine but would...
  3. DecadentArtsAndPoetry

    Bestiality Humour Thread

    I don't know about these mainstream sites and ordinary civil twat vices, but their sites and their fighting with virusses and one nation against the other and company and con artist looking for those naive freaks normals. I rather stay secure and browse only bestiality porn, safest place on the...