1. darkwolf2k6

    What did you dream about when you were asleep?

    Do you have a dream from last night that you remember, or a dream from your past that has always stuck with you? Or, is there a common theme that seems to crop up during your dreams? I have a few, but I'll share the one from last night. I dreamt I was trying to watch a movie in a run down...
  2. Cooper22z

    The secrets of lucid dreaming to make all fantasies and adventure come true

    If anyone here is into LUCID DREAMING check this post out https://www.zoovilleforum.net/threads/unlocking-the-secrets-of-lucid-dreaming-adventure-sexual-fantasies-enhance-creativity-experience-anything-you-can-think-of-full-guide-task-list.100355/#post-2483147 Worked hard as fuck on it...
  3. PhinGuy

    Very vivid zoo dream

    I kinda wanted to post this and see what others thought and see if they've had similar experiences. Last night I went to bed comfy as could be, overnight however I had a very vivid dream where I can remember the entire thing revolving around a neighbors daughter and him trying to stop her from...
  4. F

    Dreaming of a master

    I know I’ve read a few of these before but I wanted to ask if anyone has any notes on this experience. It is a massive dream of mine to live as the lowest member in the home. Cooks, cleans and keeps everything right but I’m not only the masters bitch, but even more so his/her dogs, taking care...
  5. ZooBag

    As you can probably tell, I have a massive fetish towards have sex with a mare, a pussy like that Is irresistible~

    Fr though, I hope someday I get to have full on sex with a mare, it’s one of my kinkiest dreams.
  6. BeastMelon

    A Hell of a Dream

    It's fairly frequent I have beasty dreams, typically where I orgasm in my sleep. I'm a woman, and these are the only wet dreams I've had. Usually they're quick and straightforward, sneaking away with a random pitbull and getting knotted. One time in one of these dreams it was a boss's dog...
  7. F

    Never thought I’d dream of a cow

    Last night I had a zoo dream- I can’t recall exactly how it started, but all I know was that I was starving for some animal pussy or cock. In my dream there was a cow that seemed to want it just as much as I did. I got to eat her pussy while she was being milked and afterwards, I got fucked by a...
  8. dreamyknotgirl

    Dirty Dreaming

    I just woke up from a super weird, super interesting, super hot at the end dream. So the dream itself was weird, I was part of some game show. Every time I answered something, there was a consequence, though none of them seemed bad. At the end, I was on TV and my legs were spread and I had to...