A Hell of a Dream


It's fairly frequent I have beasty dreams, typically where I orgasm in my sleep. I'm a woman, and these are the only wet dreams I've had. Usually they're quick and straightforward, sneaking away with a random pitbull and getting knotted. One time in one of these dreams it was a boss's dog! Embarassing lol.

Well last night was something else entirely. It was one of the longest, most vivid, frustrating dreams I've ever had in my life. I met a guy somewhere. He was a really large man, with dark hair and eyes, a little chubby. He had 2 very large intact male dogs, an older gentle greying GSD and a young light colored crazy GSD mix. He seemed to want them to mount me more than I wanted it if possible, and the dogs knew what they were doing. But every time it was about to happen and I got close.... some bullshit got in the way.

A knock on the door. A phone call. And in my head I kept worrying about getting caught, or if I could trust this guy. Eventually the younger one did succeed in knotting me and it was great, but I didn't orgasm like typical in these dreams. It made me crave having the other one even more. And then the bullshit started up again!

In between trying to get with these dogs, he would be gently touching my thighs or petting between my legs and teasing me like crazy. Seemingly without even trying.

I haven't been sleeping well. I've been waking up restless, tossing and turning. Well I was a lump on a log last night. And now I'm awake.... very sad it was all a dream! This is my first time on here in a while and my first time posting something like this. Had to get it off my chest. I've been blueballed.
Oh do I know what you're talking about...
I'm a guy, and whenever I have erotic dreams, it is always some frustrating deal like this. Something gets in the way. Some lady is wanting me, but we can't get any privacy, or are busted while at it, or she suddenly starts talki g to someone else, or other such interruptions. Then I wake up, penis not even hard anymore, because the dream just dragged on and on without any action. I have in my life had a single (!) dream where I actually had an orgasm and woke up with sperm in my pants.