1. Sheppidog

    How many of you have a current career involved with animals?

    Greetings! I know all you come from different walks of life but wondering if zoos would have a higher percentage of careers working with animals vs the average. As I see that a majority of us care much more about them than the typical person, I would think that it's in our passion to pursue...
  2. huskylove2020

    Zoo Fun at Work

    Anyone who works with animals have any fun? I’m huge into animals and have worked for kennels, vets, and shelters. At one of my dog daycare jobs, I once was asked to give my managers husky a bath. His name was Apollo. Best day I ever had at work. I had to take him into the employee bathroom...
  3. BeastMelon

    Do you work with animals?

    Just curious. I do NOT want any information that may harm you or your livelihood or career. I am not asking what you do, nor am I asking for a written response. I am just curious as to how many of us are involved with animals professionally.