1. pes

    Missing woman howto

    I am going to regret this one day. But I think there is no dog guide written by a zoophile woman about how to have sex with a male dog in the howto section. https://www.zoovilleforum.net/forums/how-tos-and-educational.10/ All of the other female "guides" I have seen in the past were always...
  2. WolfLikeBehaviore

    Human female attraction towards male animals

    I find it hot but I'd like to understand from a women perspective what they find lustful about it out pure curiosity. Also I've notice horses does not last that long so from a male perspective can be a bit difficult to understand the novelty. Have nice day
  3. BchBully17

    [Ladies] Which option makes you melt 🫠?

    Curious what scenario drives women crazy the most? 😍🐾 Scenario, reality, fantasly… All options are hot and pleasurable and I appreciate you taking the time to respond, and/or comment or elaborate on your desires, and inspiring more intimate and exciting thoughts! 💝
  4. K

    Beastiality in Asia

    Does anyone know of any communities or access on beastiality in Asia? I’m a woman interested in exploring things someday and don’t know where to start.
  5. sanjivszoro101

    Married women of ZV, does your husband know if you engage in dog sex?

    Y or N
  6. horselover4life

    LADIES, please tell us what turns you on

    Us men are easy to get sexually excited, but what can us men, women or animal lovers do to turn you on big time?
  7. C

    Are women really blackmail into beast?

    I hear people claim that the women in commercial porn are blackmailed into making beast video. But I see no evidence of this as the ones i watch seem to consent to fuck on camera. After all they should know what they are getting themselves into. Maybe its something I'm missing but I just dont...
  8. D

    Let's be honest: It's the dick size

    Alright so I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post this here or on some other thread but anyways. This is mainly directed to zoo/beast ladies. I've read quite a few posts about the experience some women have when mating with a dog. Just curious, do you think the appeal and the enjoyment would be...
  9. S

    Women kissing dogs

    Anyone have links or downloads for good face licking and kissing videos between dogs and women? I find them hard to find.
  10. FloofyNewfie

    Women of ZV, what's your opinion on men fucking female animals?

    Hello women of Zooville, So I'm a bit curious what a lot of women's opinions are on men having sex with female animals? I've seen seen reactions of "I think it's hot" to "I think it's nothing but rape, no matter what." So for the women of ZooVille, how do you feel about it? This is of course...
  11. FloofyNewfie

    Involuntarily Exclusive!

    To start out I'm not an Incel! Lol That header was to grab your attention! xD So right now I'm technically exclusive as I'm only in partnership with a doggie girl. While I'm not actively looking for a woman, if I found the right person I'd have no problems with dating one. I haven't dated a...