1. flymolok9

    new in town

    hi one and all thought id drop by and introduce myself. im a 36 yearold gay lad from the south of the ul. very new to all things zoo and just want to get to know like minded people. feel free to say hi. hopefully cant make some friends that i can have soemthings in comman with
  2. colorad7

    IUD Issues?

    Has anyone had experience with any type of sexual encounter with an IUD in place? Are there any issues or potential problems? I have a Mirena and I have no experience. I’m wondering if there’s anything I should know or be worried about before my first knot…
  3. colorad7

    Nervous Colorado new girl 😊

    Hi everyone. 👋It’s my birthday today! I’m hoping to get a future birthday present— my first knot. I’m shy but I’m hoping to make some new local friends. I’m 32/f, in Denver. I know I have a lot to learn and I’m so excited to be here. It’s taken me a while to become open to exploring this side of...
  4. Rosy the Sissy Werefox

    A sissy boy from germany says "hii! x3"

    Hii! I'm new here and thought i could introduce me too ^^ My name is Shiiba & i'm 25yo bisexual sissy boy and hobby artist from Germany. I am open minded and very creative. With 14, i just thought i could try to use my creativity and do something with it. So i started writing creepy pastas and...
  5. B

    Dog sex. How to get started?

    Now that I have my own apartment, it will be easier to try those things but how do you really get started?! loll I live in Canada, near Montreal and I don't know any dog owner that would have female dogs and I don't think that I would been zoos who would lend me their dog to loose my dog...
  6. P

    First time with a female dog

    So I’m about to try my first time with a female dog, a Golden Retriever. I’m very nervous. Any tips?