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  1. colorad7

    IUD Issues?

    Has anyone had experience with any type of sexual encounter with an IUD in place? Are there any issues or potential problems? I have a Mirena and I have no experience. I’m wondering if there’s anything I should know or be worried about before my first knot…
  2. colorad7

    Nervous Colorado new girl 😊

    Hi everyone. 👋It’s my birthday today! I’m hoping to get a future birthday present— my first knot. I’m shy but I’m hoping to make some new local friends. I’m 32/f, in Denver. I know I have a lot to learn and I’m so excited to be here. It’s taken me a while to become open to exploring this side of...
  3. C

    i don't have a doggo at home but I really want some wood in my ass. any suggestions how?

    Am a man and I want a male dogs dick inside my ass and I really want to be knotted with a dog but I don't have a dog. What should I do? Should I try it with a stray? If yes then please tell me how to? Because I haven't done it and I so really want to doi it. Please give suggestions, it'll be a...
  4. Rosy the Sissy Werefox

    A sissy boy from germany says "hii! x3"

    Hii! I'm new here and thought i could introduce me too ^^ My name is Shiiba & i'm 25yo bisexual sissy boy and hobby artist from Germany. I am open minded and very creative. With 14, i just thought i could try to use my creativity and do something with it. So i started writing creepy pastas and...
  5. B

    Dog sex. How to get started?

    Now that I have my own apartment, it will be easier to try those things but how do you really get started?! loll I live in Canada, near Montreal and I don't know any dog owner that would have female dogs and I don't think that I would been zoos who would lend me their dog to loose my dog...
  6. P

    First time with a female dog

    So I’m about to try my first time with a female dog, a Golden Retriever. I’m very nervous. Any tips?