1. morunomi

    Does remaining dog semen in vagina prevent human insemination?

    I am wondering about this. Obviously it's not possible for a woman to get impregnated by a dog and become pregnant. But after the dog cums in a woman's vagina, the semen travels into the uterus and the usual places just like human semen. And it may remain there for a few hours or even days? So...
  2. Hirndille

    Horse Flare and Vagina question to the experienced Ladies

    Hello Ladies as a non-owner of the beautiful thing called vagina i am wondering about the truth what so many zoo comics show and stories tell, but noone really has confirmed or denied: Does a horse penis flare so "hard" in a human vagina, that it really expands at that position ? Background is...
  3. N

    Question for the girls, the knot and clitoris

    Just wondering if the knot - however wonderful - is enough for a woman to reach climax? I've heard different views from women regarding the clitoris and (human male) penetration at the same time. Some need to stimulate the clit (or prefer to), while others are able to climax from penetration...
  4. sarahtinelli

    my cum fetish

    I left huge sealed load inside me one Gypsy h3r5e 10 hours later and still feel liquid inside the uterus a looooooooot cuum around 500ml of ejaculation on average I used a condom to collect semen after masturbating, I used the condom to fill myself when I got home, I heated the semen a little...
  5. D

    Human pussy vs dog pussy? Is there really a big difference?

    I've been here for a while and I am curious. I see a lot of people talking and worshiping a female dog pussy compared to human pussy. I never had sex with an animal and fucked a lot of ladies in my life. I am really curious to know if there is really a big difference between the two? Is dog...
  6. L

    ¿Cómo hago para que mi perra me deje penetrarla?

    Hola amigos, el asunto es este ... Tengo una perrita con la calidad quisiera tener relaciones pero el asunto es que ella no me delata montarla, le encanta que la lama y meta mis dedos en ella y llegar a tener varios orgasmos y no tiene problemas con eso, de hecho busca que yo lo haga pero en el...
  7. Adaji

    Would a female lab be too small?

    What breeds of females, starting with minimum size can an average male 5 1/2 -6 inch non girth male penis fit into? Is a Labrador retriever too small? Is it true after a couple litter of puppies they “loosen up”? I have a friend with a female lab who Uses toys of different sizes on his bitch...