1. F

    Hello~26FTM Bi

    Hey there, I'm Bone ;3 I'm 26 Non-binary trans masc who's still very fem. I still have a pussy but I've been on T a long time so my dick is pretty big. I'm new here and unsure how active I will be and how quickly it will take me to be comfortable with this choice. Ive been this way forever and...
  2. DGWolf

    Where's my fellow trans gals making porn?

    I know, I know "be the change you want to see" but I currently don't have a canid partner... anyways - I've noticed that while there are a lot of other trans fems and AMAB nonbinary folks on here, there is so little porn featuring us. Now I have a bad feeling a lot of it ends up in the Male...
  3. sandypaws

    FTM here, very new. Age is 18-22

    I am honestly very hesitant to be here, not sure what I am looking for, but hoping to get involved in the community somewhat, and meet more trans folk too. <3 I am a closet furry as well. I am very attracted to pigs for the most part, as well as horses and dogs. I’ve never engaged or practiced...
  4. G

    new ftm looking to chat!

    I'm 22 transmasc, looking to chat with some like minded fellow trans/queer folk! Bonus points for being in Wisconsin lol
  5. AudreyAnalQueen

    Hello there;)

    Since i forgot the introduction post, im introducing myself before i forget again. Hello! Audrey here. You can call me Audrey or SourNectar (Sour) I'm a trans girl 🏳️‍⚧️, 23yo from Venezuela 🇻🇪. I know English and Spanish. Im willing to make friends and take advices towards my first zoo...
  6. stchbjnknl

    i wanna make more friends

    Hey everyone i’m an 18 y/o trans girl and i’d love to make more friends (especially girls and trans people of any gender) here ^_^ just message me if you’re interested in talking, i’d love to get to know you all :3
  7. isubmitforknots

    23 trans girl, USA

    Hi all! Im a 23 yr old trans girl from the USA whos just checking stuff out! I am interested in zoo/beast PURELY AS FANTASY (plz do not invite me to engage in an irl experience), but in terms of fantasy i fucking love it. I prefer knots/canines to anything else, but im always willing to try...
  8. KnottyNimuetheNymphoFembo

    Just a sexy ass knot loving femboi stopping in to say hello.

    Feel free to shoot me a message especially if you can help me get knotted;). I have pics and videos to share of me if you want proof of how sexy I am. I'm Nimue by the way.
  9. B

    Howdy from Texas

    Long time member of BF. Finally migrated over to ZV. Glad to be here. 37 MTF transwoman near SA TX my intent is to make friends again in the community on and offline, hoping this community is just as welcoming as the last.
  10. X

    Besides beast stuff any ladies/trans want to show off their booty

    Let’s switch it up for a little bit aha
  11. mryucky

    M 18 newbie

    Hi I'm 18 male, furry, and neurodivergent... Got the courage to come onto here finally! I think big dogs are the sweetest things, animals are always way easier to be around than people for me
  12. tnstud

    Question for Female, Genderfluid, Trans, etc...

    OK so I am genderfluid, always have been. However, I have realized that as I embrace more of who I am and embrace my feminine side more when i swing that way, I seem to have a monthly heat. for about a week each month, I just have this overwhelming desire to play and play and play and want so...
  13. BadgerB@be67

    Love Bites

    I had another session with my pittie again and she was eager as always! She tried to nip at my pants when I was pulling them down because she knew what time it was, I didn't even get to lay down before she started attacking my tdick! I was in heaven. She did get a little rough with the nipping...
  14. N

    Trans girl looking for friends

    Hiii I'm trans mtf 23 pan looking for friends near me feel free to pm me ❤️🏳️‍⚧️😍
  15. N

    Question for those who don’t own your animal partner…

    Those of y’all that don’t own an animal, how to you find them to breed with? I live in the Midwest and the community is very small and I’m wondering what ways there is to fin an intact male to breed with.
  16. cuntboy

    Inexperienced but interested

    Hello, I just found this forum today and figured I would give it a shot. I'm an FtM male who has always been very interested in sex with non-human male individuals; real or fictional. I mostly just write original fiction short stories about non-human intercourse with FtMs, but I haven't found...
  17. lixalot

    24 FL ftm trans man looking to chat about experiences

    as the title states i am horny and lonely and would love to get to know someone and share our experiences.
  18. KnotMagnet

    I'm able to handle being orally knotted, ask me anything

    I've looked around on this forum and it seems a lot of people either haven't been able to do it or they're too afraid to do it, so I thought answering people's questions about it might help them out
  19. lixalot

    hey! 24 ftm trans guy looking for chat

    i’m really horny and would love to exchange stories about experiences and what(k)not, hmu
  20. AspensSecret

    New here 20’s TF

    Just an early 20’s trans girl, I enjoy dogs and other animals more than most men💗
  21. Pillar

    Biological females compared to MtF Trans

    An interesting argument came up on another thread about a lady that's possibly a MtF (male-to-female) trans, but I'm unsure as to what the differences would be like anatomically speaking. Obviously, males and females have different builds from each other, but with so little experience I...
  22. KeepingItSlow

    Well, hello again

    Hiii! I joined... not even a week ago on the other ZooVille, was very confused when this one said my username "didn't exist," lol. I'm a pre-op FtM trans man who has been into zoo for a few years now - but am only looking for my first time now. I hope to make some good friends here, and I...