1. jllkp2023

    Quick question! What’s the best site to buy?

    What’s the best site to buy k9 pussy sleeves? Or even, dog knott toys? Price is a factor. 😁
  2. saucexdoggoz

    WereDogToys Company

    I came across this website that sells animal-like sex toys. Have anyone bought from them before? If so, how was it and the experience with it? Looking to get the Canine. So far, I've been using American Meat which many said...
  3. JoostNL

    My girlfriends extreme dog experience!

    My girl and I love playing our roles as sub dog lover & her master. These are by far not all our toys! 😏 We (24👧🏼28🧑🏽) would love 2 meet another girl to join our adventure and to try the real deal! (With a friends German Shephard). Xx your favourite Dutch Couple!
  4. JoostNL

    Plush recommendation! Si

    Sitting husky 90cm. It has iron wire in its frond legs to bend it in every shape.
  5. M

    Anyone make penetrable plushies?

    Does anyone make any penetrable plushie toys?
  6. Mosteel

    Fish genitalia toys?

    Honestly, there isn't much to go off, for either gender. For a masturbator, i guess it could be modeled after a fish's egg chute. Although a fish irl wouldn't appreciate it, a silicon toy would have no such feelings! Fish large enough to be interesting don't really have anything going on...
  7. M

    Best masturbators?

    Who makes the absolute best animal strokers? Feel free to share pics of yours.
  8. Musmax3

    Neue Qualitäts Toys aus Deutschland.

    Für alle die noch ein tolles Weihnachtsgeschenk suchen. Hochwertige Toys aus Deutschland. Habe selbst schon eins und das 2. ist auch schon in Vorbereitung. Sie fühlen sich unglaublich gut an weil sie eine samtweiche Oberflächehaben. Man will sie garnicht...
  9. WolfWitch


    So I'm looking at getting some realistic toys to get an idea/feel for the real thing. I have seen a few sight like bad dragon but I was hoping to get some suggestions that are more life like.
  10. K

    Prep for a horse with toys

    At what point would I be ready to be able to be mounted by a horse or pony in terms of bd chance dildo size? Would I have to be able to take a toy bigger than their xl size?
  11. julesatx

    Advice/recommendations for taking the knot on a toy, for a gal

    Hi all! I did a quick browse and couldn’t quite find a good answer that really helped me out, forgive me if this is redundant! What advice do you have for those with vaginas trying to stretch and take the knot on larger toys? I have a large Mundir from Neotori that I haven’t been able to get...
  12. samcwood31

    Snake Masturbator 🐍

    Is there any snake masturbator/fleshlight? Like, a fleshlight that looks like an actual snake 🐍 Couldn't really find one yet... I'm looking for something like this:
  13. tailholeluvr

    Life Size/Life Like Dog Sex Plush?

    Hey there friends! I have searching for some time now to find options for fuckable plush toys (specifically of dogs). I have found a few options the only thing is most seem to be just of female dogs, what I would really love is a toy that comes attached with some sort of knotted doggy dildo. Or...
  14. German_zoo25

    New love: Neotori Mundir

    I thought I might show off my guilty pleasure, or sad substitute. Whatever you want to call it. Had the medium one for a few months and Needed to step it one up. Love the feel and the knot (although I can't take the larger one all the way). Anyone else any experience with those bad boys?
  15. P

    Any suggestions?

    I’ve never masturbated.. much less owned a toy.. but I’m curious and I want to get a toy for myself— I don’t have much money right now because of covid and stuff but I mean anybody have suggestions so I can look into good ones in the future ?