Life Size/Life Like Dog Sex Plush?


Hey there friends! I have searching for some time now to find options for fuckable plush toys (specifically of dogs). I have found a few options the only thing is most seem to be just of female dogs, what I would really love is a toy that comes attached with some sort of knotted doggy dildo. Or at the very least a sheath/something I can insert a toy into while also having a fuckable tailhole and or mouth hole.
I would love all these features, but have yet to come across this. I wondered if anyone knows of anything like this? And if anyone has any reviews of items?
Thanks so much! :gsd_happysmile:
I would resort to a diy project..take one of the life sized plush dog toys. They have many different breeds of course when googled. And try to get one of those elypseheart dog cocks and craft it to the toy. Like make a hole in the plush where the cock would go and find a way to stitch it in. A Bad dragon may work also as far as material would go because you can choose the level of firmness upon checkout. Fairly sure you would need something stronger than a sewing needle to patch it into the dog though.
Even if this weighs the plush down, you can always nail the paws to a wooden board of some sort so that the dog will remain standing. As for anal penetration, you can get one of those pussies from Americanmeat maybe? And also try to manufacture it to the dog.
Idk I feel like it’s possible to make one yourself once you figure out the patchwork!