1. ottbox

    Inflatable dog knot toy

    So there was a dildo i had found a long time ago that actually had an inflatable knot on it and it would inflate pretty big. I've found a few toys recently that are similar but all of them only inflate the smallest bit. Would anyone be able to post links to good inflatable knots?
  2. D

    Most realistic horse toy?

    My very specific desire is to be able to play with a horse urethra with my tongue while I jerk off. Does anybody have recommendations as to what horse dildo would have the most accurate mouthfeel?
  3. tailholeluvr

    Life Size/Life Like Dog Sex Plush?

    Hey there friends! I have searching for some time now to find options for fuckable plush toys (specifically of dogs). I have found a few options the only thing is most seem to be just of female dogs, what I would really love is a toy that comes attached with some sort of knotted doggy dildo. Or...
  4. BeteDeBalo

    Most realistic horse dildo?

    Like is Chance the best shot or are there any other places that make really good and really lifelike equine toys?
  5. Z

    Splorch, the Egg Laying Dildo

    I know there's posts about primal hardware, but I can't believe there isn't a thread of this already (I always search before I post things). To any ladies (or gents) who own one; what's it like? I have a huge impregnation fetish and love to see women using this thing. To those who don't own one...
  6. W

    Where can I find that toy?

    Hi! Not sure if this fits that section entirely, but I don’t know where else to post it. I have that vid laying around of a St Bernard with a toy. I’d love to get something similar for my boy, but I don’t know where to buy it. Any idea? Thanks :)