1. Princesse Tanuki

    Hello I am a beginner

    Hello I would like to give my vagina to a stud so that he can slide his penis and fuck me vaginally! This while I am not stallion and only available sound in a stable.. I know the stable the cameras all his but I would like to know how can I take myself for him sucked the penis, lick him, then...
  2. A

    I can not find it

    hello Excuse me, does anyone know what happened to the publication where 2 stallion horses appeared, one with a pink cock and the other with a black cock? I think they had started with short videos with a horse with a pink dick applying cream
  3. horselover4life

    Are draft/draught horses great sex partners

    I know there are many like me who loves the idea of having some sexual interaction with a draft horse one way or another. A few might even have firsthand experience. They are beautiful large, masculine animals with the best temperament, real gentle giants. My question is this. How practical is...
  4. musclezoo

    When did you notice a deeper connection with your best friend?

    Hey :) I’m curious…when did you notice a deeper connection with your best friend. I have a male dog and a stallion and that deeper connection started slowly after some months. Tell me your story!
  5. Saladdressing2000

    How to get a stallion hard?

    Hi all. I’ve experimented a little with a stallion. Massaging his sheath. Rubbing his belly. Couple other things. Any advice on trying to get him hard. I understand he may just not want it but hes usually pretty active. Any advice? Thanks. Secondly im looking for some tg groups if anyone knows...
  6. H


    Hello everyone, I am glad to find people that like to love animals as much as I do, I absolutely love horses and sure am glad there’s an entire community here that loves them equally. Mares, stallions, perfect, specially fillies <3 I hope I can provide good discussions and be a good member...
  7. Jazzyyu

    American transgirl 0 experience with horses, any tips on how to get some experience.

    Iv always wanted to experience horse play, I want to take my first cum shot and try to drink it all and eventually be penatrated by a stallion with a huge flair. Can someone give me tips on how to find these experience because I don't know where to even start.
  8. BeteDeBalo

    Most realistic horse dildo?

    Like is Chance the best shot or are there any other places that make really good and really lifelike equine toys?
  9. M

    I expected a pony

  10. H

    Positions to take a stallion?

    If this is in the wrong section I apologise and I'm sure someone might have asked this question before, but are there different positions to taking a stallion if so can you explain them? And how exactly does that standard position work because aren't stallions like a thousand pounds?
  11. H


    Montreal, Homa, ou hochelag. Nouveau ici, pas encore essayé. On verra bien. Beau gosse gay mi trentaine ici. Plus grand fantasme, gorge profonde a un vrai étalon. ?
  12. M

    LADIES: Questions about being a female with a male horse

    Hi! I’m new to the community and I’m not sure if I’m going to be on this account for long (which is why throwaway is in my name ;) ) but I’m more interested in male horses because of the size of their cock and how badly I want that inside me. Problem is, I live in the city and I have no idea...
  13. pasiphae

    Equine roleplay?

    Anyone interested??
  14. Indigo Dreams

    Questions about equines (but mostly stallions)

    1. Do mares and stallions tend to pair bond much or show loyalty, or is it basically a free for all once the heat starts? I suppose it depends on the environment, and I know animals often act differently in captivity versus the wild, or if they're allowed to get to know each other, or if there's...
  15. BeastyChuck92

    What does horse cum taste like? What other things do you like to do with it.

    Unfortunately I don't have any experience with horses, even though I want to. Can anyone tell me what horse cum tastes like? Also other things they like to do with it. I personally have fantasies of putting it on my food, drinking gallons of it, using it as an aid in making out, using it as...
  16. broodmare951

    Any AI (artificial insemination) fantasies ??

    I have a fantasy of receiving the AI from a stallion or stallions. I would love someone to put me in palpating stocks like a mare and insert a syringe (1000+ ml) of horse semen into me exactly as they would a mare. Ofcourse I have live cover and other breeding fantasies as well.
  17. caikgoch

    How to Please a Stallion

    How to receive sex from male horses Preface: This guide is completely inadequate to prepare anyone for life with a horse. It only gives tips and an overview of the possibilities. If you haven't realized it yet, commitment to a horse is a life decision. You won't be ready to start until you...