1. Oscar's slave

    Which one of you dominates ? You or the dog? And how do you show it?

    I was wondering which one of you is dominating? You or the dog? And how do you show it?
  2. Oscar's slave

    How does your dog show dominance?

    I must say right away, everyone has their own opinion, and for him, it may seem that the dog dominates, although there is no such thing. I have a question, how does your dog show dominance? How she shows it, what she does, who has interesting stories to write, you can even have your own...
  3. A

    How to make a dominant dog?

    How to make a dominant dog? I'm planning to get a dog in the near future and I want to become her bitch. How do I make her dominant? Many people say that it is necessary to do what he wants, not to look into his eyes, but to lower his gaze. Is it true?
  4. slavesub

    New here be nice

    Just found this community and im Proud to be a member now , hope to meet amazing people … kisses
  5. Lolpaido1793

    Being a sex toy forever

    I always been a very submissive femboy and well, one of my most horny fantasies is to be used as a dogs sex toy, I would just love to be collard up naked with a big pack of big aggressive dogs that will take me as his sexual toy and just breed me till im full of cum and my belly extends a...
  6. ArcherNorth

    BDSM and Bestiality: Some thoughts on psychology and emotion

    I have had Power Exchange as a part of my sexuality from the very beginning. My first relationship was power imbalanced, and all of my important romantic/sexual relationships since have also had that element (and I am over 50). I am a very long time Dominant, and when I have a counter-part, a...
  7. ArcherNorth

    Dominant, married, romantic and a bit twisted...

    Hello ZooVille! I just discovered this place the other day when this subject came up again between my slave and I. I was a member of Beastforum for many years (Ropeteacher there). I found this practice as an early teen in Nancy Brown's "Forbidden Flowers" and her other books on sexual...