1. slavesub

    New here be nice

    Just found this community and im Proud to be a member now , hope to meet amazing people … kisses
  2. ArcherNorth

    BDSM and Bestiality: Some thoughts on psychology and emotion

    I have had Power Exchange as a part of my sexuality from the very beginning. My first relationship was power imbalanced, and all of my important romantic/sexual relationships since have also had that element (and I am over 50). I am a very long time Dominant, and when I have a counter-part, a...
  3. ArcherNorth

    Dominant, married, romantic and a bit twisted...

    Hello ZooVille! I just discovered this place the other day when this subject came up again between my slave and I. I was a member of Beastforum for many years (Ropeteacher there). I found this practice as an early teen in Nancy Brown's "Forbidden Flowers" and her other books on sexual...