Dominant, married, romantic and a bit twisted...


Hello ZooVille! I just discovered this place the other day when this subject came up again between my slave and I. I was a member of Beastforum for many years (Ropeteacher there).

I found this practice as an early teen in Nancy Brown's "Forbidden Flowers" and her other books on sexual fantasies, I've been fascinated ever since although my primary areas of fetish are Power Exchange and bondage related. In a lot of ways, zoo is an extension of that Power fetish in that training a human bitch to submit herself, eagerly or even hesitantly, to a stud is another control and mental lever that she has given me. Bringing a slave to the state where she is so sexually primal and submissive that she wishes a K9 "master" or lover to take her is something I have found extremely erotic. The fact that I am permitting it, and still hold the Master's role of keeping her and her stud safe and under my hand emphasizes that Power Exchange even further. Combining this with bondage...well...(evil grin), let's just say it's good to mix things at times.

I have some real-world experience in this fetish, I "speak dog" pretty well and have trained studs in the past. I currently do not have a stud-capable dog (although I do have a small, neutered male who loves to lick) but may get one in the future. I would not call myself an "expert" in this field, however, and I am always open to new information.

Outside of zoo/bestiality I am an experienced sensualist Dominant, my wife is my collared slave, we are currently monogamous but have both had poly experience in the past. If a new partner or situation were to arise, we would evaluate it, but we as a couple are not actively looking for lovers. We are, however, always looking for friends, allies, teachers, and people who we can laugh with and be ourselves with. I love bondage, flogging, sensual pain, spanking, tight-lacing and creating "programs" of rules and situations to modify and enhance my lover's mind and body. I write erotica...if you'd like to read a bit (both beast-related and non-beast) let me know. We are on "Fet" but keeping that connection discrete at this time.

We live in a rural area and own our own home with privacy, but due to our professions and the very sparse population density my responsibilities for our social safety will make me a little vauge in the details until I know a poster better. We are LGBTQ+ friendly.


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Hello and welcome, hope you find everything you are looking for, make plenty of new friends and have lots of fun.