1. V

    Just sexual? or romantic? How can you tell?

    For a good few years I have been figuring out that I am bisexual/queer anf that was hard to do. But now I am figuring out that I like female mares in ways I didn't think was possible. I find them attractive and I want to have sex with them but I don't know if it's just a sexual attraction or if...
  2. luke jagger

    How to train your body for a equine

    Heeyo everyone, i hope y'all feel good and happy. I was wondering on how to train your body (specially your b-hole) to take a average equine's dick ? I've trained with a XL soft chance unflared, a XL vector is on its way too. I was wondering if it was enpoough or is there like specific ways to...
  3. Cookiepatrol

    Is there a scientific reason for animal attraction?

    I'm actually very curious about this but am too afraid to research it too much. Are there scientific reasons for being a zoo? Ive tried to get rid of the liking but it seems hardwired into me, been this way since i was a child. If there is a reason, I'd like to know
  4. W

    Member statuses?

    How many statuses are there and when you achieve new one? As I understand I have to have certain amount of reaction points and trophy point, but can somebody tell me real numbers? Sorry if it's wrong place to ask about it, but I couldn't find any FAQ or help.
  5. E

    New member and unsure

    Ive been a lurker for quite a bit now and I'm just unsure about how I feel about all this. I am underlyingly attracted to the idea of sex with animals but it ends at sexual desire. I have no desires in the companionship part of all this and I don't know if that makes me a bad person or not. I...
  6. Fido’s Fertile Boy

    I think I might be zoo exclusive?

    I’ve been in denial of being a zoo for years and I just came to terms with me being attracted to animals both romantically and sexually(specifically m k9). Since this revelation, I’ve shown no interest in human men. But years ago I suffered through abuse from a human male partner of mine, so...