1. O

    Any tips on how to analy penetrate a dog?

    How can I analy penetrate a dog without making him or her feel pain?
  2. H

    Being Ready

    How do female dogs show they're ready for penetration? I just got a new husky, and I want to know for future reference, for whenever she's ready for it. Thank you!
  3. mrbones

    Anal penetration of male dogs - what size or weight should dog have

    Hello, I know that active anal penetration with dogs is disputed, but I have friends with dogs that seem to enjoy it. Al least they definitely do not suffer, maybe it was introduced softly with education, training, rewards etc. But I would rather not want do discuss that here. MY question...
  4. N

    Knot or not

    Lately i was having this discussion with a female friend of mine who is also into zoo. She has 2 dogs, a male and female. They are both intact and mate frequently. She stated that being knotted as a female human is an urban legend and it’s impossible for a male dog to tie with a human female for...
  5. N

    Question for the girls, the knot and clitoris

    Just wondering if the knot - however wonderful - is enough for a woman to reach climax? I've heard different views from women regarding the clitoris and (human male) penetration at the same time. Some need to stimulate the clit (or prefer to), while others are able to climax from penetration...
  6. A

    Will a male dog be loyal to me long term?

    Hi So... assuming I get a puppy and bring him up/let him grow up and start to play with him when hes mature enough. To start with I would let him get my scent/lick me few times before I let him penetrate me. Long term will he stay loyal to me or as soon as he sees a dog bitch he will go after...
  7. M

    LADIES: Questions about being a female with a male horse

    Hi! I’m new to the community and I’m not sure if I’m going to be on this account for long (which is why throwaway is in my name ;) ) but I’m more interested in male horses because of the size of their cock and how badly I want that inside me. Problem is, I live in the city and I have no idea...