1. S

    Male canine orgasm, theory

    I think this is the right place. I was surprised that I could not find this topic discussed elsewhere! I really wonder what having an orgasm as a male canine feels like. Thrusting and getting tied. Since dogs and wolves cannot speak, we can only make educated guesses. Please if anyone has good...
  2. Sheppermutt

    Orgasm changes after discovering you're into animals?

    Guys or gals, did you notice any changes in your orgasms when you realized you were into animals? My whole life (I'm a guy) when I come, it used to just ooze out, regardless of how good the orgasm was. A little disappointing, sure, but after some research this seemed to be normal so I did not...
  3. K

    Do cats feel pleasure?

    Ive seen many posts talking about how both male and female canines and equines can feel pleasure but never any felines. Are they able to have an orgasm or feel good during procreation?
  4. ~Junebug~

    What is the best orgasm your animal sex partner has given you?

    I’m not sure if I am posting this in the proper place but— please let me know the best orgasm(s) you’ve had with your animal companion!
  5. lihal86511

    Sexual arousal from riding horses

    This really stupid question came to my mind: Ladies, does horseriding - or more specifically the contact between the saddle/horse and you - stimulate your vagina or clitoris? If yes: Is this common or rare/do you have to force it? Has anyone ever gotten an orgasm from this? Maybe I'm just...
  6. fabiox

    Do female animals have orgasms?

    Do female animals have orgams? Have you ever felt or see a female animal, pref dog, having an orgam? If yes does she get really tight?
  7. Elmorous

    (Orgasms) - Not that you'd been able to remember...

    ... but what is the LAST thing that crosses your mind before your partner brings you to an EXPLOSIVE climax?? Ladies AND gents, don't hold back!
  8. jumba

    Upon penetration with your pup, at what point do you usually experience your orgasm?

    Or, at what point do you experience your strongest orgasm(s)? How active are you in helping this process along, or are you hands-free? Open to all those who enjoy being penetrated!
  9. L

    Best orgasm with an animal you've ever had?

    Title is self-explanatory! I'll start: When I was in my teens I used to let my parents' husky mount me (I'd keep my clothing on) because the feeling of the tip of his cock rubbing against my pussy through my underwear drove me crazy. I stayed home from school one day just so I could romp with...
  10. Y

    Prostate orgasm

    Are there any guys out there who have had a prostate orgasm from being fucked by an animal? Just for clarity, prostate orgasms don't involve ejaculation.; they're often experienced as a series of pelvic contractions followed by severe leg trembling. During this episode, the penis will leak...
  11. T

    Do you orgasm during sex with animals?

    Please use the thread for details – e.g. when you orgasm with one species but not with another one or when it depends on the kind of sex you have. :) Animals refers to non-human animals for this poll.
  12. InuShitsuji

    How intense are your orgasms?

    On a scale from Ancient Stone Statue to Maryjane Auryn ( How intense are your orgasms? :gsd_laughing: (Bonus: with/without your animal partner)