1. reddynator

    Hi! 28, bi, QC

    Good morning, Happy to have stumble on that forum. Such an immense amount of information! I'm still new to all this even though I always knew I liked zoo. It's nice to be able to chat with like-minded people. I prone respect, trust and openness. I'm in the greater Montreal region. Hit me up...
  2. FattyPatty

    Hey there from Washington, 34f

    Hey all, excited to become a part of the community here. Love what I'm seeing so far. Feel free to PM if you want to talk. ;)
  3. W

    New Here, Please Welcome me :D

    Hi all New guy here, this is my first ever post on here so i dont really know, how to behave or act. Any tips or tricks for a beginner to fall in?:unsure: I am, a male from the nordic contries - my intrests are in most female animals, mostly dogs, ewes, mares and cows. Please take care of me :)
  4. B

    Anyone else?

    Hello all :) Just having some thoughts today, I’m really new to being involved in the zoo community. For many years I suppressed my urges because of societal views. Now I feel like I’ve created a behavior of feeling shameful for being a zoo. To give an example, if I’m viewing zoo porn and...
  5. noxn pon


    Hello, not to sure what to put here… 20yr/s old from the U.K. won’t say exactly where for obvious reasons. More or less a newcomer to zoo but became curious enough to start looking more into it a few months ago, so please excuse my naivety when/if I make comments. Been lurking here since...
  6. Y

    Very New, Very Curious. Help? 28M from Ohio lol!

    Hi there, very new to this lifestyle and choice. Curiosity I guess has gotten the best of me and ready to take a dive. Would really like if someone could reach out and maybe teach me about this community and where to go from here.
  7. YoungManNew90

    Young man coming out.

    Idk why the urge. but I’m all about horses and girls. 🐎🍆 have never talked to anyone yet or got the balls yet to cum out but here I am 🙃
  8. L

    New to the zoo, Utah local. Any local friends?

    Howdy zoo friends. I'm brand new to this type of community, and happy to have found some like-minded folks to interact with. Local to Logan, Utah and very curious if there are any community members nearby. Would be nice to know I'm not alone in the valley. I don't partake in sex with animals...
  9. M

    Greetings to all....

    Hey to everyone, I'm new and shy but not new to his world. Was introduced young by a nasty step parent and it's always stuck with me. I'm kinky and love to watch porn specifically of the zoo kind. I also find watching, being watched, med exams, and unwilling desire being overcome very much a...
  10. W

    Animal curious

    Przystojny pasyw chętnie pozna w podobnym wieku lub starszego faceta z psem lub bez. Chętnie spróbuje i dam się pokryć i psu i właścicielowi. Lubuskie, Poznań, Szczecin
  11. Arnhem

    New Arrival

    Hey, my name is Arnhem. I'm not the most talkative person around but I've developed a growing interest in the zoophilia community and decided on joining this forum as a start. I hope to enjoy my time here! :gsd_happysmile:
  12. zoocouple913


    We finally decided to make a profile and officially join the site! We hope to enjoy our time here and thank you for having us ☺️
  13. june_july

    Incredibly new to this, glad to find similar people

    I am going to be honest here, ive considered taking my own life because I thought I was broken and disgusting. Thank god I found this place or else I probably wouldn’t be here to type this message out, it’s amazing that I can actually communicate with others like me and feel…kind of normal for...
  14. NaughtySnep

    Lil Mew New to the community, only recently found out about all this and still very unsure and curious !

    Hello ! Nice to meet you all <3 I'm still trying to found myself and its what brought me here and idk if theres a being "Too young" for all this but, well im still almost 19, but i was definetly way too axious about making a first post here. I am still kinda scarred because of the whole legality...
  15. J

    New here

    Hey y'all! Gay couple here, 30 and 42 years old, in the Savannah, Georgia area looking for like-minded friends. We are both pretty new to this as far as speaking about it openly, but have both been very very interested in both male and female K9 & horses for as long as we can remember. So happy...
  16. DeLanePlez

    Happy to be here!

    Equal parts surprised and happy to have found this! More than happy to talk to everyone. Would also like to find like minded friends in or near Louisiana.
  17. A

    how to raise a puppy??

    hi! very new to zoo stuff here but here goes. my family is getting a new dog. he is a male and he is young right now, but i’m in college, so there are gaps that i’ll see him though. he will be probably 5-7 months old by the time i’m home full time again (i’m trying to learn age specifics rn) i...
  18. J

    New here. From Germany

    Hello I'm a 27 year male crossdresser from Germany. I'm trying to find nice people to talk about everything. I'm pretty new to all this and hope to find someone who is willing to help a newbie. If you have any questions about me just ask. Thanks :)
  19. Sly Fox

    New to the site

    Hello all I am Sly Fox! I have been in this lifestyle for 15ish years but was too cautious to look outwards for other people. Just here to talk, share experience, and maybe learn some interesting things. I do have two dogs as well as other pets in tanks that I pride on having (tarantulas). If...
  20. phoqtwo

    Hello from Seattle

    New to the site and scene, really, been into it for ages though. 43, bi, kinky and chill, just looking forward to chatting and maybe someday meeting some of you. I'd love to find the opportunity to just watch some fun in person, but time will tell. Totally down to chat, trade porn/stories...
  21. Ironman23

    How do you let your partner or possibly new partner know about the lifestyle?

    I love to watching my women getting fucked by a Dog. I was only lucky enough to only meet up with one female that was into it and would let me watch. And that only happened by accident of me noticing her dog always trying to hump her when she took her clothes off and me finally hearing her tell...
  22. TooomZ87

    New from South Africa

    Hi there. New member from sunny SA. Would love to meet new people on this site. Has been a hidden taboo porn foe me my entire life so to see like minded people is amazing. Please feel free to chat.
  23. H

    Hello 👋

    U.K. Originally from the south east but moved for uni. Petite frame, natural brunette. Been around zoo for a little while but in a more fantasy setting, like online chatting, gaming and various 3D videos on naughtymachinima Looking to get more knowledgable about the subject and have more or...
  24. A

    Been asked to write an intro

    Hello, erm Idk what to put here really. What I can say is that I am knew to adult forums, this being the second adult site I signed up to. I was only recently introduced to this taboo and as my profile says I am still deciding how far I want to progress with this. Erm how to put it? I guess...
  25. ZooCurious5000

    New member hello

    Hi! I'm excited about this forum. I'm not sure what lurker means but apparently that is what my profile is listed as. I hope to make some new friends here. I am a ts male 50 but look about 30. Just FYI.
  26. H

    Syd CBD Looking

    25 M looking for mates In NSW. Fit and healthy looking for k9/ equestrian fun or just chats and making new friends. Feel free to dm me
  27. Lolpaido1793


    I suck a lot at introductions but here we go I guess. I'm pollo and I'm a furry zoo (still in the closet because of fear) and I joined to meet new people and research more payout zoophilia since I'm already discovering myself and my orientation, I hope I can meet new people in here and have fun!
  28. GrassySoda

    Finally made a acccount on here. Lets start off this Introduction right....

    Hello there. A simple Introduction for myself. Call me Soda; 21 Male. Finally got an account created after pondering about it. Likes: Woodlands, Art, Uncommon Music Dislikes: Crowds, Arrogance, Bugs.... Glad to meet y'all and I hope we can get along. If not, I'll try and won't bother you often. 👋
  29. B

    New and incarcerated

    Well as the title says, I am new on here and have been incarcerated for 3 years now. I am not a murderer or a rapist or a scam artist, I just happened to be at the wrong place wrong time and made a series of stupid decisions. I am 27 nearly 28 and was previously on beastforum, I can honestly say...
  30. W

    Life long desires Ive never persued

    Hello all! I live in the midwest, I'm female and in my late 20s. I'm looking to connect with the community here, because I see the possibility of being exclusively zoo, romantically, as a possible future for me. I've liked big dogs my whole life. When I think about them, I feel a desire for...