1. contentwarning999

    Intense feelings 🙈🙈

    Hi I’m new to everything but I know I am attracted to large dogs and want to be bred by one really badly and I’d really love to just…gush to someone about my feelings and excitement and how attractive dogs are. I’m just really excited by it and learning about myself and just want to be happy and...
  2. Blondie12

    New & Excited!

    Hello! New to the site and excited to meet new people with similar likes. I know my zoo story began with stumbling upon stories of girls and their dogs when I was in middle school. What a shock that was.. 😅 I do remember it turned me on. Made me feel things. I didn’t think it was something...
  3. theheartofitall

    Hi guys!

    Hey everyone! Im an early 30s M here from Vic Australia. Been into watching women and dogs since i was first into porn and I absolutely love it. I am new to this forum thing, or speaking about zoo stuff in the open at all. Are there any other Aussies on here? And How do I reach out...
  4. Tatelee19902024

    33yo Twink Male from Melbourne

    Hey, I'm based in Melb, hoping to find others in Melb area into the same things and create a furry and fun friendship :P
  5. Horse and Aces

    New horse in town

    Good day everyone. New to the website and glad I was shared the link. I love horses most but I'm always up for whatever is the topic of discussion. I look forward to exploring the forum and making friends and enjoying the content. My DM is always open to meet new people and chat about...
  6. G

    new ftm looking to chat!

    I'm 22 transmasc, looking to chat with some like minded fellow trans/queer folk! Bonus points for being in Wisconsin lol
  7. kaleidoskull

    (20F Newbie!!)

    Hiii i'm new !! ^_^ i'm also someone whos new to zoophilia and bestiality in general, i'm not sure if im really "into" it but ive been very very very interested for a long time.. im specifically interested in dogs/canines and pigs.. and maybe horses? (horses are a lil scary haha im short id get...
  8. goodwetboy

    Hello! I’m new here

    I’m an American male. I’ve been interested in zoo for a few years, but never had to opportunity to try anything! I don’t even know where to start? Anyone willing to chat and take me under their wing?
  9. D

    New here

    Hello! I am new to the site. Actually, I’ve been lurking around for a while, but I just decided to post. I have two dogs, both female and both GSDs, and one likes sex more than the other one. This isn’t my primary language, so I’m sorry for any confusion or misspellings that may occur. Let’s...
  10. baubaubaubau

    Need advices, new to this! F 33 y/o

    Hello, I'm pretty new into this, but it turns me on so much! I really want to do it with a dog like so badly! I'm a female, 33 y/o and ready to widen my sexial life even more! I need tips, my first question is, should I buy a puppy to train him from his younger age Or would a rescue dog do...
  11. RaveRat

    Hii I don’t know where to start!

    Helo! I don’t exactly know where to start here, but I’ve been a zoo for a while now, I’ve had a few animal partners and I would love to be a part of a bigger community like this I just dunno where to start! If anyone could help me out I would super appreciate it! I go by Taylor and I live in...
  12. Z

    New member here

    Hi! I’m new here. Im excited to share experiences and my dreams with you. 😊
  13. Z

    New member here

    Hi! I’m new here. Im excited to share experiences and my dreams with you. 😊
  14. X

    I am new to this

    Hello. I am new to this website and some of the things I see here turn me on for example, The lovely puppy red missile. Hit me up I want to make new friends.
  15. HardDrop23

    Hey From Florida

    Hey everyone! I was recommended this site by another dog lover on tg. A little about me, I’m 25, M, bi and fit. Last time I fucked a pup was a while back, when I was 13, but I still get licked weekly ;). Feel free to shoot me a message, I’m always down to chat!
  16. isubmitforknots

    23 trans girl, USA

    Hi all! Im a 23 yr old trans girl from the USA whos just checking stuff out! I am interested in zoo/beast PURELY AS FANTASY (plz do not invite me to engage in an irl experience), but in terms of fantasy i fucking love it. I prefer knots/canines to anything else, but im always willing to try...
  17. F

    Hi from TN joining and enjoying posting my AI art.

    I keep forgetting to post here but several of you already found my AI art post and i will keep adding pictures over time. To tell a little about myself, I am 40 years old and do not work as i am disabled due to severe mental ( not crazy just cant handle stress, crowds, deadlines, being around...
  18. ThatDarnFoxo

    Hi Everyone - Pretty New Here!

    Decided it's time to be a bit less shy about what I like & who I am so I'm saying hi! Long time animal lover & stealth Zoo here pretty much fell into this category around 97-98 before realizing it was a thing. So far have never had the opportunity to explore & pretty much kept it to myself. Got...
  19. JackCouger

    New member!

    hi! I understand the apprehension towards new users here, It's clear that im sure plenty of people have tried to infiltrate places like this, but im a genuine zoo, promise. I tried signing up a few months ago but the registry wasn't working, fuck ive been trying to get in contact with you lot...
  20. T

    Hi everyone!

    Heya, I'm pretty new here. I've been deciding for a while if I should sign up to this forum, but I finaly did it! My curiosity grew too big and I just had to do it. I'm completely new to this and only ever had fantasies. Let's see what new things I can learn. Hope to see you all in the comments!
  21. M

    I’m a young intersex woman interested in exploring the world of zoos!

    Hi all, so Ive been told that sex with animals is wrong all my life. I plan to challenge that idea I have two dogs, one male (castrated before I got him) and one female. both are mid sized And middle aged. im not sure if I’m interested in sex with either of them, but having sex with another...
  22. sparklefur420

    New England newbie

    Hi there! I’m a 27 year old female/non binary living in Massachusetts. I’ve been dating an ftm partner for the past 3 years who shares my love of knots and zoo, particularly with canines. I have had very mild experience but I am hoping to change that! I’ve always loved animals in every way and...
  23. ELL2467

    newish zoo 19 queer

    haii im L im new to the community but ive known that i am a zoo for a while im very excited to meet more like minded people :D😁😁
  24. K

    Hello I'm kit and I'm new to this whole thing.

    I don't know where to start at all and I need help just figuring out everything. I don't know if I'm just curious about this or if I actually want to try it out and meet people that are just like me. I would really like some help on this topic.
  25. L

    Hi new 32m from Florida

    Hey I'm new to the forum. I love watching women with dogs or any animal really. I watched videos online for a long time. I also had an ex who would suck off our dog pretty regularly. I hope to meet people on here and share this interest. Maybe even have the chance to watch someone in...
  26. L

    Finding your SO/FWB on this forum

    Does anyone else hope/fantasize that they will be scrolling through the forum and find their current partner or friend with benefits on here? I would love to be able to experiment more but i just don't know how i could ever get over the fear of rejection and be open with my partner about it...
  27. L

    New to this forum

    Good (insert time of day you are reading this), My name is Dexter, Im a straight 20's male, i am still trying to figure things out as far a my Zoo side but i enjoy the idea of brining pleasure to my male dog but have not gotten the courage to try and see if he is interested. Im also horribly...
  28. oringzoo

    23 M new here

    Hello everyone, I’m a 23 yo guy who is very new to zoophilia. It started when there was a video that went around my school. It was about a man getting mounted by a big dog. I was very interested and wanted to see more so I started looking on my laptop for more vids. Now that I’m older I think...
  29. bigwhitedlbooty

    New to forum

    Hello! I'm a passable CD that is new to the forum. I live in PA and am very interested in m dogs. I don't currently own but am hoping to possibly find someone to meet up with and have some fun!
  30. JoostNL

    Hello like minded friends! I'm new here :)

    Heey all of you, After keeping my fetish surpressed for 27 years I'm finally discovering the benefits from giving in to it. I just love watching women getting mounted and totally losing control for a moment. I'm from the Netherlands (stereotype: tall, blue eyes, blonde). I have a great...