1. D

    Why Does K9 Semen Look Different?

    Ive see a lot of vids and most dogs their load is thin and usually cloudy. But I’ve seen some dogs cum same color and consistency as a man’s. Does this very by breed? Some type of health or dietary differences? Is there a difference in taste? Does the creamy white human looking cum taste more...
  2. Mosteel

    What does dog milk taste like?

    Look... i've been curious since i was like, 10, and this feels like the only place on earth i'd ever be able to get an answer. We already milk cows, goats, almonds, horses, and even camels. Romulus and whoevertheotherguywas sucked wolf milk straight from the source, and people though that was...
  3. tnstud


    has anyone here nursed directly from an utter of a mare or cow? I've had the chance to once, and really would love to again. I dont know I can really explain or describe the feeling I get from it, or even just the thought of it, other than I already have a thing for nursing in general.
  4. R

    Human Cattle

    Hi, I was wondering if there's anyone here thats into the hucow fetish that's ever thought about what it would be like to become a live in dairy cow? It's a fantasy I've recently realised I'm turned on by and wondered if I wasn't alone on this one 😅 think it's come from reading human to cow...
  5. B

    Does cow gets pleasure when milking them?

    Does cows gets pleasure or enjoys it when we are milking them or drinking their milk from their udders?
  6. V

    Female dog nipples and dog milk.

    I am curious to know if female dogs likes us to play with her nipples. Also, how is the taste of dog milk compared to cow milk? I am curious. ? ?