male dog

  1. femaleanonzoo

    my sexually interested neutered dog begins to gag when he’s close to finishing?

    not sure if this is the right area to post this but would love some advice or answers! i have a male dog (3 yrs old) who is neutered(not my choice, adopted him from the shelter) but shows sexual interest. he always tries to get people to touch his penis or jerk him off. i have helped him out...
  2. Tailsworth

    Scratchy Mutt

    My dog is a mutt, but he is really a good boy. He's a Big Goofy Dog. He's currently having an issue with scratching, I mean A LOT! He's scratched so much that he's got sores on his ears and some of the fur has been scratched off, and he's starting to loose fur on his sides where he scratches so...
  3. H

    new here

    newbie to the site and to the community. would love to meet up with someone with a dog (or 2) and have some fun. please don’t be afraid to message me!
  4. D

    dog sheath licking

    Would it be harmful to me or the dog if I put my tongue in his sheath?
  5. BeastMasterKassandra

    Male dog anal insertion question

    I have a small dog (2 years old Dwarf-Dachshund), and I want to insert my finger into his ass, but I don't have any idea, how should I do that, I do not wanna hurt him or anything. He let me touch his anus. Should I use saliva, or something else for lubricant?
  6. 唇角的酒香

    Is it a good idea for male dogs to eat animal testicles

    Is it a good idea for male dogs to eat animal testicles?
  7. B

    Opinions on neutering?

    My family is much for neutering animals as a form of population and behavior control. I disagree, thinking neutering is pretty fucked up, because there are better alternatives like vasectomies or training your dog use a something else to mount on. When they need to release. (I’m just saying this...
  8. benjaminwonders

    Do you like sucking male dog or licking female dog?

    What is your favourite?
  9. P

    How do I convince my bf that sex with dogs could be fun?

    Hi I'm a young woman and I love my bf very much but before I met him I was into k9 stuff ever since I was a little girl so I'd love to have a dog in the future which could do me too if he'd be eager of course. My issue is I was trying to talk about it with my bf once in a small talk manner...
  10. 1

    How can I convince my dog not to be sterilized?

    for the moment I don't have a dog but I plan to have one the problem is that I live with my mother and father and I don't know how to convince them not to neuter him if he is a male
  11. femaleanonzoo

    Neutered dog interested, any tips on how to move forward?

    20F here, ive known ive been into beast/zoo since i was really little, growing up i had experiences with family dogs, though never penetration. i stopped all that until recently, my male neutered dog has show interest in licking me, i let him for about an hour today and he loved it. i begin to...
  12. B

    Newcomer from Ontario, Canada

    Hey there all! I’ve been in this site for a bit and BF in the past too. More of a lurker then anything lol I am a 30 year old male who is bi and sexually flexible but have been into zoo for probably 15 years. Have always had fantasies and love reading stories about experiences. I am in Ontario...
  13. S

    How to get a male dog horny?

    So I recently found out one of my friends is a zoo, and he has a big, 2 year old German Shepard. Great! The friend hasn't done much with the dog other than having him lick his cum, but was more than happy to let me try and be intimate with him. We met a few times at the park to get him used to...
  14. K

    warming M/dog up to masturbation?

    im new to zoosexuality (ive been one for as long as i remember, but i havent engaged in it until recently) and i have an older pitlab mutt, hes about 7 or 8 years old, and hes been neutered for a long while. hes never had sexual advances made on him before due to this, let alone from humans. ive...
  15. Big_Knot95

    Future first time dog owner *In 5-6 Months* / Training for both Zoo & Non Zoo Interactions

    **REAL QUICK, I used the search bar for something regarding both "First time & Zoo Training + Social Skill Training" but could find specifics to help cater to my question** SO, I'm going to be moving to Brazil with my dad and step family, and while stray dogs are very very common where I'll be...
  16. W

    It hurts when he gets in (M/M)

    So I’ve been mating with my boy for a few months now, and it’s absolutely great for both of us. He’s a very well equipped 2yo GSD mix. It generally happens like so: he mounts me, and when he finds his way in I need to stimulate him, otherwise he just stops humping and dismounts. That way, he...
  17. Y