horse and woman

  1. benjaminwonders

    Looking for friendships :)

    Hi, I'm Benjamin, 37 years old from Europe, i am new here and looking for friendships with girls who are into bestiality:)
  2. MoreBeastThanMan

    Limewire days

    Hi all! I've been really enjoying my time here and reading some of the forum posts, so I thought I'd share a story of my own; my first zoo porn experience. I was about 12 or 13 years old (like so many lol), and I had just discovered Limewire. I was going a bit crazy downloading music and music...
  3. L

    More ladies into horse...

    I am doing horseback riding regularly since a while now and see that there is A LOT of woman in the field. I am suprised! 😮 Not many guys are into this and it's fine by me. 😁 I wonder now...if some of those ladies are in those activities practice zoophilia with their horse or not? What are...
  4. B

    Do Women really enjoy horse semen?

    I've saw videos that I can find online of women swallowing horse cum, most act aroused. Do women really enjoy it?
  5. M

    LADIES: Questions about being a female with a male horse

    Hi! I’m new to the community and I’m not sure if I’m going to be on this account for long (which is why throwaway is in my name ;) ) but I’m more interested in male horses because of the size of their cock and how badly I want that inside me. Problem is, I live in the city and I have no idea...
  6. D

    Dog Slave ready to receive.

    Hi All, I'm from the North East of England, I've dabbled in the past but now I wanna take it up a notch. I want to be tied and fucked by every animal in the farm yard, every line of dogs you can bring. I am open to being filmed while I take a horse cock, fisting horses, helping you fuck any...