horse and woman

  1. PhinGuy

    Very vivid zoo dream

    I kinda wanted to post this and see what others thought and see if they've had similar experiences. Last night I went to bed comfy as could be, overnight however I had a very vivid dream where I can remember the entire thing revolving around a neighbors daughter and him trying to stop her from...
  2. DesireWolf

    22M, looking to talk with women with experience

    Would really like to talk to women how have experience with dogs, horses or others. I really like hearing about your experiences so please message me or respond to this to let me know if you would like to talk & share with me
  3. Lord T


    I’m new to the site. Still figuring out how to navigate it.
  4. efmm8

    Need some help trying

    So I want to try something with a horse, like at least touching it while hard. I've done it before when I was younger but I didn't put in much work. I was finally able to be alone with two yesterday and I could not get their dicks to come out. I played with their balls for awhile and nothing...
  5. P

    Females with Stallions, how was your experience?

    Looking to hear from other females who have gotten a chance to be filled by stallions... What was your experience like? I can only fantasize about how things would go, but I would love to hear about it from someone who has actually done it. Was it more painful than you expected?
  6. LeartNAFO

    Horse rack just made for horse-lovers

    When I saw this photo I was really amazed and at the same time I absolutely loved it - It looks like that its from the movie Coming of Sin (1978) back then it was probably not so taboo to make productions or talk about zoophilia. Just imagine if there would be companies making such things to...
  7. Hirndille

    Horse Flare and Vagina question to the experienced Ladies

    Hello Ladies as a non-owner of the beautiful thing called vagina i am wondering about the truth what so many zoo comics show and stories tell, but noone really has confirmed or denied: Does a horse penis flare so "hard" in a human vagina, that it really expands at that position ? Background is...
  8. Ddf91

    Illinois BWC interested in women, mares, and women with male horse.

    New to Illinois area, long time zoo fan!! Ive always been into watching women take horse cock/cum and would love to be present and assist:) Recently discovered I'm into Mares and would also love to try some mare pussy/ass. Looking for local women / men to share experiences or just chat about...
  9. benjaminwonders

    Looking for friendships :)

    Hi, I'm Benjamin, 37 years old from Europe, i am new here and looking for friendships with girls who are into bestiality:)
  10. MoreBeastThanMan

    Limewire days

    Hi all! I've been really enjoying my time here and reading some of the forum posts, so I thought I'd share a story of my own; my first zoo porn experience. I was about 12 or 13 years old (like so many lol), and I had just discovered Limewire. I was going a bit crazy downloading music and music...
  11. L

    More ladies into horse...

    I am doing horseback riding regularly since a while now and see that there is A LOT of woman in the field. I am suprised! 😮 Not many guys are into this and it's fine by me. 😁 I wonder now...if some of those ladies are in those activities practice zoophilia with their horse or not? What are...
  12. B

    Do Women really enjoy horse semen?

    I've saw videos that I can find online of women swallowing horse cum, most act aroused. Do women really enjoy it?
  13. M

    LADIES: Questions about being a female with a male horse

    Hi! I’m new to the community and I’m not sure if I’m going to be on this account for long (which is why throwaway is in my name ;) ) but I’m more interested in male horses because of the size of their cock and how badly I want that inside me. Problem is, I live in the city and I have no idea...