1. I

    Allergic to dog cum.

    Had a first real encounter with a male dog a while ago, super awesome. Jerked him off and he licked me up, it was amazing, and I didn't lick his dick or sheath at all. 15 minutes later and my lip gets swollen and my eye starts swelling shut, had to make a run for the ER and had more than a fair...
  2. F

    Does anyone know how to join groups?

    I’ve been trying to join a few groups but I just get an error. Help please.
  3. unsheathmyknife

    Best browser to use while on zooville/zoo related websites?

    I've been just using a regular browser (i.e Chrome, firefox, opera, etc) for a while on incognito mode to browse here but I thought about it for a bit and realized it's not really super private even though it's """incognito""" just curious on what yall use to stay safe and private I've also...
  4. B

    Am I zoo?

    to start this off, i dont have a general disliking towards zoophiles or anything like that. i made this account to ask if i have zoophilic thoughts because i was getting quite worried and paranoid about it. i have consumed a LOT feralonferal yiff content, mostly all drawn and it arouses me. ive...
  5. Cali_been

    My first post

    Hello everyone!!! I'm pretty new to zoo but it turns me on so much. I would love to get to know some people in the community. Also since I'm such a newbie, I would love to get some advice from some more experienced people. I have a German shepherd and his name is Winston. Would love to get some...
  6. J

    I need advice on my GF and her dog

    So I have never had any experience with this stuff and I was afraid to try reddit so I went this a site more anonymous to protect our identities. I've been with my girlfriend D for about 3 months, but I have known her since we were kids over 10 years as really good friends. we started having...
  7. K

    Guide them or Let them find it

    So with all the videos I have seen with dogs some of them guide the dog into their holes an others just let them find the hole. I have a feeling I might get a chance with a boy here soon just want some input on how I could let him go at it. I would like to try something new to get the knot this...
  8. B

    How to fuck a bitch

    hey everyone i’m want to fuck my bitch properly and from past experiences she is very tight and always moves, any tips on how to get in her ? 🥰
  9. N

    How to have fun with a mare in a field without a shelter ?

    I (24M) am quite new to the zoo world, so I'm asking you for some things that you might find obvious (forgive my ignorance). I have access to two mares in a field next to a trail. I'm currently getting to know them, and I'd love to go further than the classical grooming. To do so, I think the...
  10. N

    Question for those who don’t own your animal partner…

    Those of y’all that don’t own an animal, how to you find them to breed with? I live in the Midwest and the community is very small and I’m wondering what ways there is to fin an intact male to breed with.
  11. OrangeCola369

    This May Seem Like a Stupid Question...

    What's the difference between a flared and unflared horse cock? Can these be seen wih the naked eye? Is there even such thing as unflared? I keep seeing the term "flared" used when discussing horse cock and dildos, but I don't know what it means.
  12. L

    Best way to start?

    Good evening everyone, Im making this becouse i have no idea where to start with this. I have to lovely dones, one has been spade and the other is still intact. The one how is intact had gone through her second heat already but dosnt seem to enjoy me touching her yet. What steps should i take...
  13. Always_Horny05

    Help with telegram ban?

    Not sure where to start. I use to have a telegram account where i would trade content with other users, but i think one of the groupchats i was in got banned aswell as everyone else inside it. Telegram says my number is banned and i have no clue how to get around this. A good majority of people...
  14. Y

    Good shelters/rescues that don't spay/neuter to get a dog?

    I've been looking into getting a dog and I'm planning to do so in a few months. I wanted to make sure they aren't fixed, for obvious reasons, but I'm not sure which animal shelters don't fix their animals. I'm in the USA, and I'm not sure about other countries, but almost all shelters...
  15. Mammal-lover

    What the heck is happening on facebook?

    So I was scrolling one of my archery groups on Facebook and this pops up. Clicking on it brought me to a makeup page.
  16. L

    I’m in a tight spot

    Okay so I would like to be able to breed with a mare. How would I go around doing this and making sure theyre consenting
  17. W

    Member statuses?

    How many statuses are there and when you achieve new one? As I understand I have to have certain amount of reaction points and trophy point, but can somebody tell me real numbers? Sorry if it's wrong place to ask about it, but I couldn't find any FAQ or help.
  18. rainbowzluzhy

    help and advice 🤔

    so I recently made a Twitter for personal life stuff and honestly idk if it would be a good idea to have something like that yet since my job relies on social media, so any and all advice would be good.
  19. B

    How to convince her to let me in

    My neighbor has a dog who recently came into heat (not the first one, she has had puppies before), I've always been interested in her and I've always waited for this moment, but she just won't let me in. initially in the early days of heat I thought it was just natural behavior, but now it has...
  20. P

    How to cure zoophilia?

    I’ve been suffering from zoophilia for years now and I’m so tired of it. I think I have it because of trauma. I’ve hated it since I realized that it was a problem for me. I’m in a long term relationship now. I love him, I’m attracted to him, but I’m still struggling with intrusive thoughts and...
  21. SheepieSheepie666

    Shame attached to my interests

    I've been struggling with how to cope with the shame I feel attached to my "Preferences" (Sheep, goats, horses, most hooved or barnyard animals besides pigs and cows). I hate that I'm into this sort of thing at all, and I've never really reached out to like minded people about it either. I've...
  22. ellierose

    Need Advice

    This might seem weird I need advice on how to film myself playing with a dog as I've always been curious to see myself mounted
  23. C

    How to download faster

    I'm not sure if this is just the website or not, but things take so long to download here. I know it's not cause I have a shitty pc since other stuff download much faster than over here. Does anyone know what the cause is and what I can do to fix it? (If it's important to know, I use Chrome's...
  24. BrownsAssScamCaller

    I recently turned 18 and want a friend/partner

    I am 5'7" petite indian guy, as I turn 18 a couple of months ago i started to feel lonely and feeling kept growing in me, soon i realised that i lack someone to love, not that i don't have people who love me but i want to have a intimate relationship. I tried getting a girlfriend but it didn't...
  25. S

    How to get a male dog horny?

    So I recently found out one of my friends is a zoo, and he has a big, 2 year old German Shepard. Great! The friend hasn't done much with the dog other than having him lick his cum, but was more than happy to let me try and be intimate with him. We met a few times at the park to get him used to...
  26. S

    Do I fuck his horses? [EDIT: This was out of brief desperation that I have overcome.]

    The obvious answer is obvious I know, but could it really be that bad? My landlord is a pretty weird guy, and he has horses. If I said something like "I know someone that is willing to pay to get pictures of horse genitalia" or something, what is the worst that could happen? It's a business...
  27. H

    I have questions about Zoophilia, can you help me ? (Outsider)

    Hello you quite unique people (I'm a outsider from another country). I don't want to be rude I just want to understand, you are all free to do whatever you want and I don't care. I have a strange relationship with Zoo (porn), on one hand it aroused me and on another hand it disgusts me (my...
  28. tailholeluvr

    Rimming Dogs - How To and Safety?

    Hello! I am fairly new to accepting my sexuality and my non human attractions. I have never been with an animal beyond some fondling, licking and kissing as a little kid. But I would love to eventually with time have more experiences with animals. I am very attracted to horses and dogs, dogs...
  29. Pup_Musky_ZV

    Noob, please help!