1. alisacolato

    Secret codes for zoo lovers

    I know the title of the thread may sound like a james bond movie lol. But I want to know if there are codes you use to let other people know you are into zoo (of course I´m talking about codes that only another zoophile would understand so in case someone that doesn´t like it sees/hears the...
  2. chuckyfan20

    Looking for people to talk to

    I'm looking for some people to talk to (man or women) to talk about our experiences and other stuff
  3. CaiphusCanineSlut

    Hi, from Wyoming!

    I am new to the community and haven't interacted with other Zoo's on any other site, so I figured, now that I have accepted my attraction to animals. I should start making friends and become part of a community. Feel free to message me... when I get permission to do so. I guess follow me and...
  4. mrbishop

    New guy, in Poland

    I was lucky to finally find a forum to be around like minded people, it's great. I'm originally from the states, but ok have been studying in Poland. I haven't been able to connect with people here. Hopefully that will change. Would love to have to people to chat with! 33/M
  5. N

    New Here

    Hey hey, I'm a guy, 18 years old, from Czech Republic. I love dogs, but I've never tried anything yet. Really vibe with this forum and would like to make some new friends.
  6. F

    Hello all ! Im new !

    Hello everyone , very new to all this amd im asking for advise and people to DM some help . Also would love to talk to my West Va peeps if youre here ! Sorry if i look stupid or anything btw
  7. J

    New here

    Hey y'all! Gay couple here, 30 and 42 years old, in the Savannah, Georgia area looking for like-minded friends. We are both pretty new to this as far as speaking about it openly, but have both been very very interested in both male and female K9 & horses for as long as we can remember. So happy...
  8. KigaliTheForestPupper

    New England Rollcall and greetings!

    Hello all! I want to get to know some like minded individuals in my area, and wanted to see if there are genuinely any of us around. I also want to make some new friends to chat with and everything so feel free to message me :) New Hampshire here, Rochester to be exact. ^w^
  9. L

    Zoo Friends (Men Only)?

    Looking for one-on-one conversations (we’ll stay anonymous) to indulge in some fun chats and photo/video exchanges ❤️ Me: F/25/Dog owner Looking to see if there’s any interest—DM!
  10. Kaukau

    gimme friends

    Hi hi! I'm kanna, i'm a cis male and i'm here for friends and to try to possibly meet people like me! I mainly like playing video games and thats about it maybe draw on the low sometimes. I have a discord if anyone wants it just dm me
  11. who1212121

    Tennessee here

    Idk why I'm even trying. But I'd love to become friends with someone near me. Just to talk about it with someone it feels normal with. We ain't even gotta meet up just talk. Hmu 😌
  12. intel358

    Hello from South Wales

    Just to say Hello from South Wales, UK. Single man, living alone and planning to get a male dog, hopefully soon. May be Staffie (not sure yet). Looking for open minded people around in South Wales. Kind of new in to all this, but have enough free time. It will be nice to make some local...
  13. Pillar

    Mutual friends on Zoosbook?

    Does anyone know how to add mutual friends on Zoosbook? I've already asked people there (no response or nothing helpful) and there are no instructions on how to do it.