#female dog

  1. Cali

    Female border collie size

    I've been reading in some posts' comments about whether a fully grown female border collie would be a good partner sexually speaking for a human male. Some people state that them being medium sized dogs means they wouldn't be a right fit, or that it's a matter of luck. But I wanted to ask...
  2. D

    Pubic bone in female dogs and opening size

    There is this one female I'm watching from time to time. She loves me totally, and is so horny all year round! Almost the first thing she does when se enter my house, is jumping at me and begging me to finger her pussy. I have been playing with her a lot, but she is unfortunately too tight for...
  3. Andyborges

    Heat: old & young female dogs

    Hello I've been zoo since 2014 (just touching female dogs in their vaginal area) and since 2016 started having sex with my neighboor's female dog. Her owner doesn't pay attention the her health so I keep her under cotrol with vaccine every year against rabies, hepatitis, Leptospirosis...
  4. V

    Female dog nipples and dog milk.

    I am curious to know if female dogs likes us to play with her nipples. Also, how is the taste of dog milk compared to cow milk? I am curious. ? ?