1. pervbagel12

    Would you rather…

    just to see what y’all would like to be
  2. Mosteel

    Fish lovers thread? (Sorry dolphin lovers, better luck next time!)

    Ok ok, i can immediately tell the problem here, so i guess we need ground rules? Lemme know if this is still a no, mods. No talk about *actually* having sex with fish. Fantasy and fiction and yearnings only, for several reasons. 1.Sex with fish is not. possible. Human and fish genitalia are so...
  3. BroodMare87

    Just fancied sharing some of my juicy fantasies (F)

    In no particular order: Being pinned and mated by a alpha male beast with a huge cock while I struggle underneath his grasp. Being impregnated by said beast. I kinda like egg laying /birthing objects and the notion of ovipositors toys too.. Also fantasise about having a cock , the sensation...
  4. ZetaMachine

    Fantasies turned reality

    For anyone out there with a zoo fantasy, not just getting to sleep with a certain animal but something extra like getting to do it in a special location, or with a special someone, etc. What was your fantasy that you made a reality? And was it everything you hoped for?
  5. P

    my ideal bestiality fantasy that i'd like to accomplish

    Hello everyone. So first of all, i'm Bisexual both for humans and animals. For zoo i absolutely love horses for a hella lot of reasons, their size, body shape, social behaviors, awesome cocks, big wet n hot vaginas, the best anuses ever and so on. So about my fantasies i'd like to have a farm...
  6. Elpoke36

    Fantasía y realidad

    ¿Qué tan imaginativo eres para dar tu fantasía con un animal y de ser posible realizarlo en la vida real? En mi caso mi única fantasía estar con felinos grandes (leones, tigres, etc.) Primeramente entrenarlos de tal modo a que se acostumbren. Bueno la fantasía es una cosa pero la realidad es...
  7. Rick

    Getting one of my girls pregnant fantasy

    I have a fantasy about being able to get one of my k9 girls pregnant. this started while having sex with one of my girls while she was on heat and while in pup and had well developed breasts, i found she seemed to really enjoy sex while she was pregnant but i stopped a few week before pups were...
  8. 7

    Doggy Dick Favorites

    Pretty sure there are threads circling around already, but what is your favorite thing when it comes down to dog sex? What turns you on the most or what do u want to experience ?
  9. Nevernever42

    Any chance you want to help a newcomer?

    34 m and new to actually talking and trying to meet others around me. Would any women or couples be interested in talking to me? Incredibly hot to hear and discuss fantasies, fetishes and role play. I will amaze all questions first and send proof. Anyone out there want to talk with me and excite me?